Malcador Heavy Tanks are Gen 1 Baneblades. . and under 8th ed. rules, it’s become a lot more useful and a real threat to my opponent. I pciked up a malcador for my GC after FW released that image of the various The issue I’m having is which rule set do I use for this tank. So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over . As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it.

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You currently have javascript disabled. Tyr you are absolutely right. Competitive play is, first and foremost, playing for the purpose of competing, often with the end goal of winning. Other then the numerous problems as listed above, there is also the consideration on how much this tank gets treated in-universe as well.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

While the autohit makes it easy, the amount of shots per se is a little tricky. Or will it suffer a -1 to hit when moving because it is a heavy weapon?

The Malcador Assault Tank is a truly ancient design dating all the way back to even the wars that consumed Terra during the Age of Strifeif anything it can be considered as the Papalith of Imperial Tanks. Check out one of our awesome sibling subreddits; they’ve got one for everything! In all honesty, though, the Malcador on the table top would need a notable buff in durability for this to be practical.

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Malcador Heavy Tank

In the grim, dark future, a static tank is a dead tank, and so it has since been superseded by the more reliable tak cheaper Leman Russ Battle Tank. Arkaniss and librisrouge like this. In contrast he fielded a Leman Russ Punisher with heavy bolters and that monster absolutely ate through everything I sent at it. Which brings me to another question: What are some of their drawbacks and weaknesses?

Ironically, if one was to malcacor the top casemate with an actual turret like the one on the Russuse the alternate box sponsons the Valdor and Infernus use and fix the engine, the Malcador would rulex a perfectly serviceable Heavy Tank for the Guard, becoming the Panzer IV to the Russes Panzer III. The Minotaur is not armed with any other weapons but can be upgraded with a Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber or a Storm Bolter.


It’s an Inferno Cannon taken from a Titan and mounted on a tank. The only real change from 7th ed. Just wouldn’t mind some opinions on it, and what people would do if facing such a tank? Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Being intended for service in hostile environments and even the void of space, the Dracosan needed to be absolutely air-tight as not to endanger the lives of its passengers and crew. But in the end do what you want mate, it’s your army and your hobbying experience.

One good option here is sentinels because they get the scout move before the game starts. For anti-armor, they kept the hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. It’s understanding and playing within a rule set and attempting to be as competitive as possible within that structure.

Pick a legio titanicus and declare for the Emperor or the Warmaster today! However, they can not be taken in Squadrons and have Forge World’s inferior version of Grinding Advance, which simply eliminates the BS penalty for firing the Demolisher cannon that the Annihilator and Defender carry.

The massive gout of flames launched from the Inferno Gun is also effective at clearing mines, the sudden heat detonating mine fuses and making large areas safe much quicker than alternative methods. I know that this really hurts in terms of points and utility, but I figured that if I was going to sell all my earthly possessions to field a DKoK army I want my army to look impressive on the table and capture the grinding trench war aesthetic.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador

You might call it a Malcador variant, since it’s built on the same chassis. Given their fluff cheapness to mass produce the Malcador and probably this variant and the annihilator, that is and therefore it’s common use in PDFs and the Tyranids coming I am going to calculate percentages based on rolling an average of 7 shots per attack and using the chemical fire option rather than the flammable material.

While they are no longer common in the rank and file of the Imperial Guard, some regiments maintain a few out of a sense of tradition. Posted 11 May – During the 41st Millennium the Minotaur is a rare relic of war that very few will ever see, with the number of Forge Worlds capable of producing them having dropped steadily over the last millennia.


What they mean is that they have encountered and conquered it. As you may realize, the Malcador seem to suffer the most in terms of getting the short end of the stick.

I might get a Malcador with a battle cannon somewhere down the line. With supreme luck you can even pen a Land Raider. Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work.

So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over the Leman Russ for the above reason, but I am unsure of which variant to get. It’s T8 with 18 wounds. It probably would have been a better idea to put this configuration on a Macharius Heavy Tank instead, though. I’ve been tinkering with a list that contains 40 Guardsmen, 6 Bullgryns tnk 4 Chimeras as objective takers and general operators. I feel that if you want an Annihilator, you should stick to the Leman Russ chassis.

Malcador Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

Further exasperating its already shoddy military performance. Now work has banned it too By the time of the Horus Heresy many Malcador tanks had been relegated to strategic reserves and second line Imperial Army units, replaced by newer and more powerful designs, although the demands of the galaxy-wide civil war soon brought them back into the fray, while their availability saw them used as test-beds for a variety of new variants designed to plug gaps in supply and resource.

Burn them with holy promethieum! Time spent shooting at it just means your chimeras will live longer to get troops in position. So while they still have certainly not dethroned the Leman Russ as the lord and master of Imperial armor, taking them is now actually a valid tactic. Recognizing that the mostly-fixed-forward turret was a problem, the Adeptus Mechanicus thought up the Malcador Defender. Back to top 23 WarriorFish Posted 11 May – This page was last modified on 17 Septemberat Do you know if that applies to the Defender’s Heavy Bolters turret?