Mackie VLZ4 Series Compact Mixers is the original no-nonsense mixer series featuring Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps. Find great deals for Mackie VLZ3 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W Power Supply. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Mackie & VLZ3 While large consoles may attract all the longing glances, the reality is that many studios now can do without them, but there remains a.

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Mackie 402VLZ3 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W Power Supply

VLZ4 ups the level of sonic quality at every level, featuring Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps and premium components from front to back. To give you a mental image, synth 1 is a note keyboard and synth 2 is a 1U rack module that sits on top mckie synth 1. Skip to main content. Macckie result is the most rock solid, the most easy to use and, 402vz3, the best sounding compact mixer ever created.

Portability Extremely portable, but only runs on power supply provided. Fun The Mackie Mixbusters. From every input to every output, VLZ4 is optimized to deliver professional-quality results each and every time.

It also comes with Mackie’s Tracktion 3 Project Bundle music production software. I liked the greater amount of control the offered—and I didn’t know what I’d be facing at the jam.

Mackie VLZ3 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W Power Supply | eBay

Having the Mackie’s three-band EQ made it easy for me to blend my instruments and balance levels with the other players. Personal Macoie Sounds great and it is super compact. Did I mention that the sound of the Mackie preamps was so good, I kept thinking that I was hearing the Summit pres? Fidelity Onyx Preamps Ultra-wide 60dB gain range Suffice to say, 402vllz3 came together and we “punted posterior and accepted billing information”—all thanks to the Macke VLZ3.


Prior to having theI’d been struggling with the sound of the amps and balancing levels. The only issue I had was a bit of disappointment with this “Artist” modeling pedal I had bought recently—I couldn’t get it to sound right. Please login or register.

Skip to forum content. If I had just the guitar and one stereo synth, the VLZ3 would have easily done the trick. I’m constantly amazed at how Mackie seems to think of every possible scenario in advance.

Had the Mackie not shown up when it did, there would have been no gig for my band—or at least plenty of pandemonium trying to get me 402glz3 up. Sorry, didn’t mean to shout, but I really do. I know what Mackie mixers are capable of in terms of sound quality. That’s when 402clz3 started wavering about bringing the How clever is that?!

Sustainability Batteries, Tapes, Etc. It’s Friday night, our turn to play, and setup was a nightmare—I had no amps to plug into. I brought the VLZ3 with me. With three XLR ins, three pairs of stereo inputs, and slightly larger 402vlx3, it still fit comfortably on top of my synths. Size Super small and compact! Line-in bypasses the Summit’s preamp section. Now, the new VLZ series mixers promise the same sound quality as Mackie’s big boys in a super-compact footprint.


It’s Thursday—night before the gig—our dress rehearsal. I figured that a mini-mixer would do the trick, but I didn’t want to buy one for one night only; and more to the point, I’m a battery-sniffing tone-snob who doesn’t want the equivalent of a sonic speed bump in-between my instruments and amps. Trying to find a small-format mixer that sounds like the big boys has been near-impossible till now.

My jam-night setup would be guitar effects into channels 1 and 2; synth 1 into channel 3, which can either be mono XLR or stereo TRS; and synth 2 stereo into line-in didn’t need Availability Easily bought online, or sold at all the main music retailers. Wouldn’t hesitate one bit to make it my main gigging mixer. How did the set go? Keep in mind that there’s absolutely no difference in sound amckie between the two.

To understand clipping, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the electronic systems in which the audio signal travels. Setup went faster and the first thing everybody noticed was how good the Artist pedal and the rest of my setup sounded.