Machinima, Inc. is a multiplatform online entertainment network operated by Warner Bros. .. Under the terms of his contract, Machinima was permitted to place. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? It might be a blessing in disguise. “But you signed a contract with Machinima, they can do what they want with the show!” It wasn’t in the contract that the show would be made.

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Retrieved December 19, Otherwise it might flirt with some level of credibility. It’s a raw deal trying to deal with the YouTube system on your own and dealing with the multiple corporations that are likely to get peeved if you have no knowledge you’ve crossed them.

Machinima, Inc.

In any case I’d start producing videos shaming the company till they broke their contract with me. Not having a lawyer look at the contract before he macuinima it was stupid on his part. On May 23 ofMachinima aired Street Fighter: Italy UK and Ireland. Well, if you’re independent and doing similar stuff you should know mafhinima those numbers are enough to make a living?

Retrieved 1 December This kind of thing.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts

The FTC claimed that the influencers failed to adequately disclose that they were being paid for their seemingly objective contrxct. I myself am someone who’s avoided MCNs for my entire time as a YouTuber up to this point Currently at 44k subs, but views are irregular – as expected of my hyper-niche content my viewcounts for vids can go from “Less than a hundred” to “over 2 million”, contrac probably gives me some kinda record for “view disparity”, haha.


It’s to make them unnecessary. Retrieved September 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts | Techdirt

You’d actually get paid more via YouTube than a Network like Machinima. I hope you can maintain most of your viewerbase through this, Jorge. More Copia Institute Insider Shop.

James Burkhardt profile29 Jan 9: It is currently being managed by Machinima employee Shane, otherwise known as Shibby, and hosts a variety of content focusing on several different games, mostly Overwatch and League of Legends recently. I can’t remember machiima last time I watched a video of theirs on Machinima’s cpntract. It’s not really about good tech versus bad Hollywood. That’s what companies who steal your money do. Last I heard of machinama they were giant assholes like years ago.

Really sorry to hear this!

I thought they got out of Machinima years ago. Retrieved 19 September — via YouTube. I was in a semi-shitty situation at that point too so it caused me a lot of problems. Especially the mutli-year contract extensions without warning.

Retrieved 15 February In JanuaryMachinima discontinued podcast feeds on iTunes without an in-feed announcement. The artists themselves worked on videos to make while they had a decision in what that company spent the extra proceeds they produced the surplus. MCNs back in the day used to be good for exposure and “exclusive” YouTube features, but nowadays The point that some seem to be missing is they are actually stipulating they own your life and any future earnings from creative works.

I think they would be fine regardless. Would you be paid way less through regular Youtube ads?

The point is that in these early days of YouTube channel capitalization, artists need to be very wary of sharks swimming in those waters. As an additional note, a long legal battle might also list this contract as unenforceable because it is too one sided, that is a contract expresses that one side gives up value in trade for something else of value.


YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts from the read-before-you-sign dept As YouTube becomes more and more popular as a primary entertainment resource, it is going to have many of the same growing pains as traditional entertainment venues.

Explore some core concepts: Ominous, but not entirely unexpected. The channel has since become inactive. Oct 25, 6, Socialist France is a Democracy. To try to get them to stop contacting me I would ask them to provide a translator for my content as there’s a lot of Japanese – and absolute ContentID protection, which easily causes them to balk nowadays.

The Machinima Seriesan animated web series set before the video game and leading to the events of the filmcomprising six episodes.

Machinima, Inc. – Wikipedia

Anonymous Coward29 Jan 6: Capitalism as a kinder gentler version of feudalism still doesn’t mean people want two tiers of justice, and ever more laws saying how much citizens who aren’t rich are criminals while those at the to are immune from harm. I think big, public corporations inherently seek control as they can get it.

Oct 26, 6, This Week In Techdirt History: You can support a channel like a Patreon or, in a Live, donate money via “superchat”. Only one thing bothers me with this network thing: As I see it, this system is one rife with exploitation of workers and free laborers similar to how feudalism exploited serfs who grew wheat for a plot of land that they gave to a church.