The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle is an 84 mm man-portable reusable anti-tank weapon produced In November , the U.S. Army began ordering the M3 MAAWS for regular units deployed in Afghanistan. Soldiers were being engaged with. Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan. (MAAWS-A). Afghanistan Reintegration Program. (ARP). U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Publication. Standard Operating. AUTHORIZED USES OF CERP A. The authorized uses of CERP are listed below. For more information on each category and examples within.

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Cost analysis must be conducted so the village or district may collect revenue to ensure operation and maintenance of the system for long-term use.

Other new features include a red-dot sight, a travel safety catch to allow the M4 to be carried while loaded, an adjustable shoulder rest and forward grip for improved ergonomics, a shot counter to keep track of how many rounds have been fired to manage the weapon’s 1,round barrel life, picatinny rails for grips and sight mounts, and a remote round management function so intelligent sights can “talk” to programmable rounds.

The M3E1 is also 2. The result was superior accuracy at longer ranges. Temporary Contract Guards for Critical Infrastructure: As such, the community will be responsible for accepting back reintegrees who wish to reintegrate, and will take responsibility for their progress.

A criminal is defined as a person charged with and convicted of a crime, under Afghan law. Reintegration does not support any deal that violates the Afghan Constitution, nor does it involve paying potential reintegrees to stop fighting.


Retrieved 29 December In recent years, the M3 has found new life in a variety of roles. Inthe U. The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle Swedish pronunciation: Recorded a pledge to cease all support for insurgency in Afghanistan, to live in accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan, cease violence against the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners, and no longer have material ties to Al Qaeda or affiliated transnational terrorist organizations, and.

Army Rangers found the M3 was best employed using a two-man team.

Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan (MAAWS-A) Afghanistan Reintegration Program (ARP) SOP

Guided Missile Destroyer’s Command Master Chief Fired Navy officials said they had identified misconduct during an ongoing investigation. In latethe Army fielded 58 M3s and 1, rounds of ammunition to units deployed to Afghanistan to destroy enemy targets out to 1, meters.

Projects to repair or improve protective measures to enhance the durability and survivability of a critical infrastructure site. The service announced in May of that it planned to permanently assign the devastating anti-armor weapon to infantry platoons.

Plala, archived from the original on March 13,retrieved July 29, Archived from the original on Payments made to mawws surviving spouses or next of kin of Afghan defense or police personnel who were killed as a result of U. In Novemberthe U.

An operating handle called the “Venturi lock” is used to move the hinged breech to one side for reloading. Most Popular Military News. Reintegration efforts should benefit and be provided to peaceful members of a community as well, not just reintegrees, in order to avoid perverse incentives.


Additionally, there should be no arrangements that would undermine the authority of the GIRoA. If the participant deviates from the program, the amnesty will be void.

When used by the U. Retrieved from ” https: Small Arms Survey The authorized uses of CERP are listed below. Although the single-shot AT-4 is lighter and can be carried by one person, a Gustaf team with the heavier recoilless rifle can reload and fire more rounds.

Army Rushes M3A1 Recoilless Rifles to Afghanistan |

Reintegration programs are Afghan led programs that have the outward appearance of an Afghan driven program consistent with the Afghan constitution and the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program APRP. The distribution of drinking water is done through municipal water systems or as bottled water. Material incentives in the form of transition assistance, job training, and support for grievance resolution are likely to be part of a final GIRoA led reintegration program, and will require international community support for implementation.

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