Tempestuous Reunion (The Lynne Graham Collection Book 12) – Kindle edition by Lynne Graham. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Tempestuous Reunion [Lynne Graham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second time around Once, Luc Santini’s inherent sensuality . Tempestuous Reunion – Kindle edition by Lynne Graham. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Tempestuous Reunion by Lynne Graham. Tempestuous Reunion by Teempestuous Graham.

Overall book rating

Once, Luc Santini’s inherent sensuality had proved to be Catherine Parrish’s downfall. For ggaham years she had loved him unconditionally, until she realized that this rich, powerful man regarded her as a possession–not a woman he loved enough to marry. She fled her gilded cage–pregnant with his child. And then fate placed Luc back in her life.

He didn’t know about Daniel But would she surrender to his erotic demands–and risk losing herself in a whirl of desire–to protect her son? Mass Eeunion PaperbackHarlequin Presentspages.

Published May by Geaham Books first published September To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Tempestuous Reunionplease sign up. Who edited this book?? There are too many spelling errors that are detracting from an otherwise great romance novel. See 1 question about Tempestuous Reunion…. Lists with This Book. But I was in the mood for it so it was fun; however, I didn’t love some of the H’s confessions regarding certain things towards the end.

I also didn’t like how the heroine’s dyslexia was manifested into forgetfulness and a constant “head in the clouds” state of mind. IMO, it wasn’t an accurate depiction of it. But like I said, this was written in the ‘s, so I think it was prett But like I said, this was written in the ‘s, so I think it was pretty forward for the time for this to even be mentioned. And I’m not gonna hold a ‘s book to standards. View all 22 comments.

A Lynne Graham vintage — secret baby, sweet and innocent heroine seduced by a gorgeous and chauvinistic Italian billionaire, amnesia, kidnapping…ooh filled with so much melodramatic moments….

When he finally contacts her, she falls like a ton of bricks. Just get rid of this guy I kept saying…and then she does. When Luc leaves on yet another business trip, she leaves their home and then………disaster!!! But the good news!!!!

Five years later and Luc finds her…. As usual, Catherine has been used once again by people…. Anyway, Luc forces her back to his pad, they have an argument, and she hits her head on a table when she stumbled and the next thing…. Luc continues being a total unlikeable guy…. Yes, a total so not nice guy.

Allright, he has no idea that he has a son that is somewhere without his mother!!!! So, Catherine is besotted and sooooo in love and now married to her soul-mate…. She has to tell Luc about their son but ….

Tempestuous Reunion

Let me just clarify something about Luc… yes he had trust issues too. A hard childhood and all of that and he just finds it hard to express his feelings to Catherine…. Well, why did he not tell Catherine how much he loved her then?????


He actually turns out to be a nice guy…. If you are a LG fan…like me…. View all 21 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I just wonder however if it would have been a HEA if she had not gotten preggers and ran away? Cause he really was a total dirt bag to her before she left.

He told her he would never marry her and that she need never worry about it cause she was a good lay. He decided that they could continue as they were him getting everything and her being treated like a whore without a future cause she was just too stupid for him to marry.

He made fun of her clothes and her feelings and told her Classic LG. He made fun of her clothes and her feelings and told her that they were happy!!! Really he was just having his milk without buying the cow!

Newsflash, she felt like a whore and not good enough for him and you wonder why she left. He really had to work for it. She was too sweet for him and he had to grovel for it! I could see her point of view that he would have asked her to get an abortion based on his actions before.

I just wished she had had taken another lover during their separation so that he could understand how she felt when he took out another woman with him to social functions while having sex with her! I don’t sleep with them he said!!! So really you would be cool with me going out with another guy as long as It was just you she slept with. I don’t think so. Also, how does She know you are faithful to her when he was always telling her ” View all 20 comments. Dec 21, boogenhagen rated it really liked it Shelves: Not all of the books immediately following this one will be in the exact same tone or vein.

LG is still finding her writing feet in these early years, but TR is the very first LG that is the embodiment of all the elements that have made LG one of the best selling authors in HPlandia.

This one starts with a prologue. Catherine, a 20 yr old orphan who is very sweet Re Tempestuous Reunion – Lynne Graham’s fifth HP adventure gives us the first offering of what will be widely considered the LG style.

Tempestuous Reunion by Lynne Graham – FictionDB

Catherine, a 20 yr old orphan who is very sweet but about as sophisticated as a baby bunny, is tearfully fretting over leaving her lover of two years.

Luc is her lover, a 27 yr old self made gazillionaire Italian genius who is extremely handsome, extremely smart, and an extremely arrogant, condescending slime swiller. He never takes Catherine out, isolates her in a Manhattan apartment and essentially keeps her as his dirty secret while he travels the world being seen partying with luscious ladies with upper class backgrounds and wining and dining with high society rich acquaintances. Catherine numbly accepts the lady buffet sampling as the price of loving Luc, as he claims that he never sleeps with them and since Luc is brutally honest, Catherine believes him mostly.

Catherine is pregnant and is incredibly insecure due to Luc’s insistence that she be hidden away. Luc had threatened her that consequences would be very harsh if she ever got pregnant, so Catherine very timidly asks if Luc thinks he will ever marry her. Luc makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he will never marry someone who has no education, no status and is essentially his paid blow up doll until he gets tired of her. Now that Catherine has verified Luc’s opinion for sure and terrified that if she stays he will force her to have a termination, she gathers up her resolve and writes an illegible farewell message on the bathroom mirror.


Catherine is dyslexic and very sensitive about it. Due to being raised in care from birth when her mother abandoned her, she was never given the proper help to be able to overcome it.

She sadly gathers her things and heads back home to England. Dyslexia is a common hallmark of an LG h, it wasn’t given much attention back in the nineties – but LG has made it a household conversation piece, thus following the classic HP tradition of promoting awareness of various diseases and social causes.

But LG’s H’s are the utmost supportive of the h and get her help, even when they are being jerks otherwise, they really push the message that being dyslexic is okay and nothing to be ashamed about.

When she gets back home, she meets a strange but comforting lady on the train. The woman is quite eccentric, but very nice and Catherine has been alone a very long time, so she pours her story out and the woman reassures her that leaving Luc without telling him about the baby is right thing to do. Then Catherine gets hit by a car and spends the next several months in hospital.

The kind train lady visits everyday, Catherine has a son named Daniel and in due course moves in with the train lady to be her housekeeper and general helper.

The train lady puts round that Catherine is a young widow and now five years on, the train lady has died and left her home to a religious organization. The book starts when Catherine and Daniel have to move to London from the quiet market town life.

Daniel is four and a half and quite precocious and quite angry about the move. Catherine, in keeping with her widow status, has inferred that Daniel’s father is dead and Daniel is feeling that loss keenly. The train lady has a brother, who is currently divorcing his cheating wife, and has gotten Catherine reduced rent on a flat his godmother owns, in return for a few cooked meals and some daily help. Judging by the sound of the woman, Catherine is about to get a short lesson on indentured servitude.

But as Daniel is staying with one of Cathy’s village friends for a few days, train lady’s brother, who has a massive infatuation with Cathy, is plotting some moves of his own. He takes Catherine to lunch at the Savoy and it is there that the past rises up like a six foot tall looming specter. Luc is at the Savoy and Cathy is horrified to see him.