Transcript of LOS NUKAK MAKU. LOS NUKAK MAKU LOS NUKAK MAKU LA ÚLTIMA TRIBU NÓMADA Desde el primer contacto regular en. Los ultimos nomadas de Colombia. Los nukak maku. 1, views. Share; Like; Download c31dsolano · Follow. Published on Nov 9, Los nukak se habían visto obligados a huir de sus hogares cuando la Los makú viven en pequeños grupos familiares, prefieren la selva.

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These aboriginals have therefore become embroiled in Colombia’s armed conflict. Also they use javelins of Socratea exorrhiza palm wood to hunt two species of peccaries Tayassu pecari and T. Nukak Spanish speakers rare.

Today they prefer to obtain metallic pots. When they do not have matches or lighters, they use special wood Pausandra trianae to produce fire. Niall Ferguson cites them as an example of a hunter-gathering tribe which, hitherto ignorant of a money economy, has shown itself happy to exchange an arduous traditional life in their jungle homelands for a subsistence existence based on government handouts at the periphery of a globalized world of finance.

Views Read Edit View history. They collect vegetal materials like the elements necessary to cover their encampments “wopyi” with leaves of Phenakospermum guyannense and palms ; to make their hammocks with fiber of the cumare palm Astrocaryum sp. Each family has its own hearth, used to keep warm, cook, and to burn certain plants to keep mosquitoes away. Nukak people speak a tonal Nadahup language.


The groups practice a form of exchange, “ihinihat”, especially maaku all the resources are not in the same territory. This polygyny coexists with a temporal polyandry during the pregnancy in order to improve the qualities of the baby.

Nukak dispossession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plight

What maky Nukak want now is for the boundaries of their reserve to be respected and for them to be able to live there in peace. After a flu epidemic and the tragic suicide of one of their spokesmen, Mao-be, the Nukak abandoned the area and went back to San Jose.

Nukak take the sweet resin from “mupabuat” Lacunal sp. They collect honey of twenty species of bees and many fruits: Traditionally, the Nukak live in small groups, between nine and thirty people, in the very deep forest away from the rivers.

In the government tried to move the displaced Nukak back to the rainforest, but the chosen location, only fourteen kilometres from San Nukzk, was far too small.

Nukak dispossession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plight – BBC News

They also use a very sophisticated technique that has been reported in several cultures. Each domestic group is part of a territorial group and other groups that are established to perform specific duties like security measures, according to the different stations and situations. Retrieved 31 March By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the language, see Nukak language.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In order to look for a pairing, a man must have gone through an initiation ritual in which he endures several penalties and difficulties, to demonstrate the fundamental abilities for the subsistence and consumes a hallucinogen Virola sp.


Because they are so mobile, they have very few possessions, and what they have is easily portable. They are constantly on the move, spending just a few days in any one place. A man can marry several wives, although a single wife is most common, and examples of three or more are rare. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat Ancestry and ethnicity in Colombia.

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Nukak – Wikipedia

The men hunt using blowguns, with darts tipped with curarea poison made from up to five different plants. Other Nukak were forced to leave at gun-point. In certain nuka occasions different groups join, after they practice a special ritual, “entiwat”, in which the groups dance face to face, striking and verbally injuring each other until the ritual reaches a ls moment in which they all embrace, weeping while they remember their ancestors and express affection.