Telugu lyrics and translations for Lokaveeram – Slokam () from Yesudas Bhakthiranjani (). Loka Veeram, Maha Poojyam Sarva Rakshakaram Vibhum. Parvathi Hrudayanandam Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham. One who is the best. Hi all, Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa This is the app for ayyappa devotees, playing Ayyappa Lokaveeram (mp3). No internet needed. Thank you. Read more .

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Anonymous November 29, at 4: Thanks for explaining the meaning in detail. One who originated from the power of Shiva, who took birth from the body of Sreenivasa and who is the brother of Shikivaha who rides the peacock —Subramanya lyrcis, – I salute that Saastha who is the master of my dynasty. Hi Thanks to you for the posting and explaning the wonderful meaning of Loka Veeram. One whose mother is Dhanwanthari celestial Doctor and father the supreme physician, Rudra, I salute that Saastha, who is the greatest doctor and who is the treasure of mercy.

Anonymous November 21, at One who chants these five gems daily, with purity — Lord Saastha will be pleased with him and always live in his mind.

Jijesh November ltrics, at Nidhish November 29, at 9: Salam dari Malaysia ,penganut Swami Ayyappan Miracles. Anonymous December 22, at 6: Aravind Subramanyam – as a person with very little knowledge started to enter the world of Sanskrit – started some ten years back – only with this Loka Veeram Residing the words without its meaning doesn’t complete once true deepness to the Lord’s Love.


Lokaveeram – Slokam

Arun Prasad June 14, at 7: Anonymous November 9, at 4: One who is worshipped teluyu Vedic lokaveram, Who is saluted by the universe, Who is the dear son of Vishnu and Shiva, and who is gets pleased easily and gives his blessings immediately – I salute that Saastha.

Anonymous November 25, at 3: One Who is the Ruler of Tryambakapuram a place near Tiruvaroorwho is with Lord Ganapathi and one who rides on an elephant, – I salute that Saastha who is the master of my dynasty. Happy to get the meaning of the sloka, thanks a lot.

Anonymous December 5, at 9: Anonymous June 3, at Hartley thanks for providing the meanings. Thanks a lot for the meanings of this great prayer to Lord Dharma Shaastha. One who is Master of my lineage FamilyWho destroys my enemies, and who grants all my desires – I salute that Saastha.

May your family flourish. Anonymous December 22, at 9: This once unlettered boy, whom He took under his benign and protective care, as a fond father would do, and made him what he is today, submits ananta koti namaskarams with reverence and humility to ever merciful Bhakta Paripala Maha Sastha.


Great to know the meaning of the sloka, i’m very much happy and satisfied, very much interested in chanting and feel the meaning myself ItzSam March 19, at 4: One who is like a thilaka foremost in the pandya dynasty, Who had a playful form in Kerala, and who is the only refuge to protect the distressed – I salute that Saastha.

Lokaveeram – Slokam | lyrics (Yesudas Bhakthiranjani )| Indian Lyrics & Verse

May god bless you and your family always. Monday, January 18, Meaning of Loka Veeram. One who walks like furious elephant, Who is filled with the nectar of mercy, and who destroyes all the obstacles – I salute that Saastha. Anonymous December 14, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Anonymous December 20, at Understand it first ,then u can recite it lyfics and proudly.

Loka Veeram Mahapoojyam | Namaskara Slokam | Ayyappa Devotional Songs – video dailymotion

Ayyappa will be with u. Posted by Paraaya Gupthan at 8: I am very happy to know the meaning of slokas, now by reading with meaning a great satisfaction – sridhar – hyderabad.

Its a Godly service. You have a done a very noble job by translating.