Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity. It seems that 3 years ago Vodou freely published as set of plans, for a Miata based build, however it looks like they are not around anymore. There are plans circulating around for several different sized frames. This can be confusing. “Book” frame refers to the frame in Ron Champion’s.

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Here are the wishbones.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

I purchased a complete Mazda MX5 NC as my donor vehicle and a selection of steel tubing, I was then ready to begin the process. Would you like to know when this website changes? I estimate that I spent some 20 hours on it.

The remainder is to be built from 1. Considering the daunting masking job inside the cabin to correct this, I will most likely leave the model this way.

Therefore the buffing did not go easy, and especially on the delicate 0. The keen observer will spot that the tunnel is not symmetrical at the front and rear, since it was specifically designed to accomodate the Ford Escort Mark 2 drive train.

Ever since doing a design exercise involving a truss-frame aircraft fuselage, I have a deep interest in frame structures. I have a set of Vodou plans. Facebook Twitter Car and Driver. In the real world however, the overall effect of this discrepancy is negligible given the accuracy of most shop tools or lack thereof. The suspension brackets can be mounted according to the layout provided by the book, but the length of the front wishbones should be customized to be sure the track width agrees with the donor axle following assembly.

Also, I shouldn’t have base-coated the model in grey paint, since its roughness showed, especially inside the passenger compartment, where the overspray settled down as dust particles. A standard book nosecone leaves a 5″ gap along the bottom of this super-sized chassis, but the width is spot-on.


The increased height goes through the horizontal portion of the chassis forward of the dashboard to balance the over all design and accommodate taller engines. Be sure to refer to the book for these structurally critical pieces. I liked the chassis in bare white plastic, but I thought it would look even better in Humbrol’s Polished Steel.

Locost chassis build

I used 5 x 5 mm square tube, with one wall cut away. Mon Dec 31, 8: This can also be accomplished at home with little effort. Tube chassis discussion on the MCM forum. And I found out that the instructions for the longitudinal position of the front suspension brackets is completely missing in the book, which must play havoc with the castor angles of the real thing – unbelievable! Fri Dec 05, The plans are not complete, but they should provide you with a very good and very accurate starting point.

Jim McSorley Sevenesque site with drawings of various versions. I bought the edition, which is slightly revised.

Turns out that that the drawings and photos do not agree, and leave you in the dark what is correct. The increased pland exists through the rear and the cockpit, while the front end is based on the book chassis and it uses a standard nosecone. I’ve excluded them from the drawings because each builder tends to customize the transmission tunnel to meet their needs cut-to-fit. Using the drawings and instructions in Ron Champion’s book, I went to work.

Most car chassis are ‘space frames’ which are usually two truss sides connected with a collection of of transverse tubes.

If they are designed badly, they will have a low torsional stiffness, which will make for less than desirable road holding. I have been browsing for a while, and am excited to start my build. My Locost is very individual and desi gned to suit my needs. CA glue was used throughout, allowing for fast bonding. So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into a home built, road registered sports car. On the other hand, the buffed paint looked really nice, blotchy in appearance with shiny edges, just like steel before it rusts.


Does anyone have a link to a full set of their documents that can be downloaded? There are three drawing packages to choose from.

You cannot post new topics in loccost forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this locsot You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. Here is the build guide I think for the Haynes roadster with MX-5 revisions what the Vodou plans really are: Send me a pm with you email address and I will forward. Notes regarding Unit of Measure: The increased length provides an additional two inches for the pedal box and another two inches in the engine bay.

Concluding the construction of the space frame were six diagonals in the sides.

13 best Plans to build lotus 7 images on Pinterest | Lotus 7, Motorcycles and Kit cars

Martin Aveyard balsa frame for a car of his own design, and the finished balsa frame. To get a taste of classic tubular chassis design, I decided to build a Locost chassis in plastic, using the Ron Champion book. I later planss the holes in all brackets, to make them look more realistic.

The increased length provides an additional four inches in the engine bay with a relatively “book” sized cockpit. After having some doubts, I decided to add the suspension attachment brackets. There is actually 2 parts to the plans. The drawings show secondary dimensions based on an automatic conversion from standard to metric.

It definitely has the right effect, but it’s also very vulnerable, and I had to install repair patches in a few locations after breaking the skins.

I also have the full set of Saturn plans as well. Donor is stripped, and i am about to cut steel. The images below show the level of detail provided in the drawing files.