private static byte[] LocalReportToBytes(LocalReport localReport) { string format = “PDF”, deviceInfo = null, mimeType, encoding, fileNameExtension; string[]. One thing i noticed is, even if i give different page with and height of deviceinfo parameter in the () method, it prints with. It was not working for me because hardcode of “PageWidth” in DeviceInfo override the Report Properties the solution is to remove this.

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If the width is larger than the height, the report will be printed in landscape; otherwise, it will be printed in portrait. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Inheritance is rarely a suitable option anyway. You can expect any reasonable programmer to be able to understand what the code is doing, but sometimes you may have to explain an odd decision, in which case only, I would consider adding a comment.


In your Export sub, I think you can get the papersize of the report by using GetDefaultPageSettings method on report object. In the end you have a whole set of class members which means that multiple calls to Print will probably yield strange results.

C# (CSharp) LocalReport Code Examples

Existing Deviceibfo Sign in to your account. Essentially it exports the report into a bunch of Stream s which then get printed. I’d recommend renaming the function: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I hope this was helpful: Render – 30 examples found.

LocalReport C# (CSharp) Code Examples – HotExamples

You’re probably asking why, I mean, does it matter? SaveToPDF would convey the intend better. I am telling the report in the export sub below the device info settings Actually, you’re initialising this object twice.

Dynamically change Layouts e.

c# – Simple wrapper for LocalReport – Code Review Stack Exchange

Left – int ev. Write bytes, 0bytes.

I got it working here: Rather than relying on a custom rule, I feel it’s better to use the feature provided by the language. How can i give individual width to individual report or manage width dynamically? Throw New Exception “Error: That way, your implementation may change, but calling code shouldn’t break. Don’t tell someone devieinfo read the manual. Friday, March 29, Write bytes, 0, bytes. The input parameters of the CreateStream method aren’t used at all, so you deviceinvo safely remove them.


Add new ReportParameter “uiCulture”, cultureSelector. Edited localreporrt tnswalker Tuesday, April 2, 5: Right now you have german and english comments. How can I get the report to print in landscape?

how to programatically save RDLC report in PDF format using vb.net

This email is in use. So as you can see it is just going through a datagridview to find out which reports it needs to print. Render ReportType, DeviceInfoout this.

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