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The regulator will current limit when the voltage drop across R CL equals the current limit sense voltage found in Figure 7. This is not true of other types of positive Application Hints Continued regulators. In this case the voltage sense resistor is the internal J2 one.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Band-gap references are generally chosen for the higher current devices 0. Input bypassing is needed, however, if the regulator is located very far from the filter capacitor of the power supply. Variable Output Regulator 7. This can be written as: To ensure constant junction temperature, cycle, pulse testing is used.

The remaining applications circuits are shown for the TO-5 package. It may be determined from the nomogram of Figure 6. After extensive life testing, National Semiconductor has developed some average “acceleration factors” relating increased surface related failure rates to increased junction temperature. When the device shuts down, loading on the input is reduced. Although primarily intended for fixed output voltage applications, the LM may be programmed for higher output voltages with a simple resistive divider.

  DIN 931-1 PDF

The short circuit output current is then: For value given, capacitor must be solid tantalum. For applications requiring other voltages, see LM 1 50 series data sheet. Electronic Shutdown Circuit Electronic shutdown in three-terminal regulators is done by simply opening the input circuit using a transistor switch. In the LM, this discharge path is through a large junction that is able to sustain 25A surge with no problem. LM Load Regulation L.

The planar devices, have a high f T providing more stable operation due to low phase shift.

National Semiconductor

Ceramic capacitors are also good at high frequencies; but some types have a large decrease in capacitance at frequencies around 0,5 MHz. See the performance characteristic graphs to determine values. This charger is designed to quickly recharge a battery and shut off at full charge. Many of the older IC regulators can oscillate when in current limit. Va follows forward biasing collector- base junction of Q1. As a final note, be sure to check whether the data sheet ratings are for still or moving air.

No short circuit protection on switching transistor Possible easy with LM Internal not programmable for all three-terminal regulators. If the ground is then connected, the output capacitor, C3, discharges through the regulator output to the ground dattasheet, destroying it. The designer is immediately confronted with a number of rectifier circuits and filter configurations.

For output capacitors of 25nF or less, there is no need to use diodes. If the bypass capacitor is used, it is sometimes necessary to include protection diodes to prevent the capacitor from discharging through internal low current paths and damaging the device.

Most 10 uF capacitors have low enough internal series resistance to deliver 20A spikes when shorted. With a heat sink, the effective thermal resistance can only approach the junction to case values specified, depending on the efficiency of the sink. The current limit is set at 2. Functional Schematic of the LM A 1. This short once-per- cycle current spike also results in very high secon- dary RMS currents.


A reverse- biased diode, D2, diverts the current around the regu- lator, protecting it. For other conditions, t; must be modified as follows: The electrical characteristics data represent pulse test conditions with junction temperatures as shown at the initiation of tests. This severely adds to the load on a regulator.

This is accomplished in Figure 7. It is recommended that a minimum load capacitor of O. Load Regulation The LMHV is capable of providing extremely good load regulation but a few precautions are needed to obtain maximum performance. An LM is biased as a 10 mA current source to set the minimum current and provide operating current for the control circuitry.

LMH datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

These new references also have excellent long term stability and low noise. In most cases, this problem occurs when a regulator or card is plugged into a powered system and the input pin is connected 3. Regulator with Line in Output Lead The adjustment terminal can be bypassed to ground on the LM to improve ripple rejection. A 1 uF aluminum electrolytic may be substituted.