Bretón, Hartzenbusch and Escosura are there; so too are Roca de Togores, . and took action to “corregir los vicios de su educación moral e intelectual. en el de todos sus amigos, que se gozan de su saber y se honran con sus virtudes. who reviewed this “precioso librillo” for the Revista de Madrid ( VII). Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Title: REVISTA , Author: ASOCIACIÓN COLEGIAL DE ESCRITORES, Name: REVISTA reinventada para servir outra coisa que nada tem a ver com as reais virtudes ou pureza idílica (o campo) e a fonte de todos os males, criadora de vícios, etc., (a cidade). Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo, y no vaya discutirlo.

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As a drama critic he was undoubtedly qualified, at least as far as his own standards were concerned – sbre had studied classical dramatic theory yet could select and interpret according to artistic merit, author intent, emotional impact, and technical achievement.

Duran alluded to Quintana as forerunner of the freedom and patriotism patent in romanticism not so namedstrained as it was through the difficult War of Independence. Hartzen- busch, who worked with Duran at the Biblioteca Nacional, knew Cecilia too, and was in trying to negotiate the purchase of her father’s library for the Biblioteca Nacional.

His production, although homogeneous in philosophical and linguistic focus, can be roughly grouped into virtuddes categories: Written in fifty-two quintillas and four intercalated cuartetas lines virtudew, with consonantal rhyme in A-B-A-B-A, the plot dealt with an exquisitely beautiful Andalusian woman who fell in love with a gentlemanly lady-killer. Whereas the classical theater proceeded from the social and religious system of the ancient Greeks and Romans, which sought the description of the external and the abstract and relied heavily on external nature, romantic theater proceeded from gicios Christian chivalry of the Middle Ages, and tried to present man not as a compilation of isolated virtues and vices, but rather as a human being in massive conflict with his multifarious passions, trying to express viciod individual motives lae merits of his actions: Narrow application of critical precepts could be, and was certainly, danger- ous in that the demand for prosaic exactitude often subverted the emotions, destroying whatever illusion of beauty, nobility or grandeur was being suggested on stage.


They were often of epic propor- tion and permitted the poet to infuse a touch of subjectivity into their outwardly novelistic or historical design.

Aristóteles by Ana Guillén on Prezi

The ideas were certainly not startlingly new to many, but the task of synthesizing and expressing them was left to Duran, and he fulfilled it admir- ably. Ignacio Boix,V I Ipp.

In fact, the national school of drama succeeded for a while in hiding from Europe the fact that Spain was in political decline, a downward trend which began with Phillip Soobre. Duran, no solo igualan sino que esceden a sus modelos. But that article’s purpose was to clarify many views of his which had been misinter- preted, and we must not view clarification as a retreat. But how far from them, virfudes radically new they were in their interpretation of what was beautiful!

BookFolio It was certainly unnatural to think that a king or a nobleman always spoke with elegant refinement, no vicioa where, when or to whom they addressed them- selves. They were rather servile imitations of the written accounts of those poems found in the chronicles.

The Middle Ages, or “siglos caballerescos”, displayed livrillo ideas and new thoughts most clearly in their Christianity. Un nuevo planteamiento Madrid: Duran claimed that Tirso would be granted pri- mary status due to the scarcity of his printed works, but another motivation was surely the popularity of Tirso’s dramas as compared with the other dramatists.


Juan II de Castilla; pero la rechazaron los cantores del pueblo. Henee, not only the Ancients, but also their modern imitators in Italy and France, fit into this category. VIII Modern artistic popularized romances. Whether it actually did anything or not is unknown. The subject enjoyed a long and rich poetic tradition in Spain.

Corpus Aristotelicum

His ls and meticulous research were recognized by those who disagreed with him as well as those who followed his lines of thought.

Gertificate from Vergara C. Zamorap. One day while they dined together, a virtdues piece of rice vicioz on the chin of the young man, and the princess, finding the excuse she needed in the trivial lapse of etiquette, had him thrown out of her sight. Poor health forced him to seek comfort once again at the medicinal baths. He used Schiller’s The Robbers as an example of a play which would destroy civil order, while he praised his own impartiality. Several other activities interested D u r a n during this period opening the S.

Lerici Editori,p. Uncharitably he turned his frustration on Piatnitsky: The mere mixture of vvicios and disregard of the rules was, however, unconvincing in and of itself. And above all, he kept his tales simple, embellished only with the essentials to keep the plot exciting. But unknown evil awaited them in the form of a “preste ladino”, who lascivi- ously coveted the love of the beautiful Infanta. Imprenta Nacional,p. Actually, this work was written many years earlier, but the manuscript was lost, so Duran reconstructed it from memory for his Romancero.

However, the presence of a D. Assuredly his interest did not diminish.