Law and Liberty has ratings and 31 reviews. Peter said: This book does a good job of showing that true liberty cannot be separated from God’s law. It. Law & Liberty R.J. Rushdoony. If you live outside of the United States, please read this important information about a shipping surcharge for all international. Author: RJ Rushdoony Narrator: Nathan Conkey. Download the PDF of Law and Liberty via Chalcedon Foundation. See all the available books.

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It exposes the dangers of libertarianism, conservatism, and liberalism. Sanday and Headlam in their commentary on Romans insist without contextual warrant that in Romans The Functions of the Family When this understanding is lost in a society, oppressive laws are passed that assume the inherent goodness or neutrality of man supposing that a better society can be achieved through better law.

Instead, this is a work on political philosophy and straightforwardly so.

The Foundations of the Family. A fine collection of essays on title subject. Nepotism and the Law Law and Alchemy Anger, vengeance, and Judgement are the pornography that animate Rushdoony’s pitiful necrophiliac thinking.

Jan 01, Joshua rated it it was amazing.

Rushdoony laq that all “Law” is based on God’s Commandments. In relatively short segments, Rushdoony addresses everything from education to famine, and works through how God’s Law applies to each situation. Rushdoony has a very controversial and often polarizing reputation, but I found myself in near unanimous agreement with everything in the book.


I read it more than 15 years ago when I came across a copy in the used book section of my favorite Christian bookstore in Phoenix. He practiced what he preached. The Will To Death.

Christian Reconstructionist

Email required Address never made public. Men, though, see law as a limitation on their liberty, and Christianity is held to qnd the most restrictive with its emphasis upon Biblical law as the foundation for morality and liberty.

Freedom and Democracy, for rushddoony. Although it is not uncommon for me to read or reflect upon God’s laws or humanistic corruptions of law [1], I tend to do so from a far different perspective than that of this author.

If you want a good understanding of how we came to the chaos that surrounds us culturally, you can do no better than this short little book. As Chalcedon founder Rev. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The experiences of the prophets and kings in the civil sphere are as eushdoony intended for our teaching and guidance as anything else. Rich and consistent scholarship.


Law and Liberty (Second Edition)

This speaks to the source of law in a society, which Rushdoony held — correctly — to be the only valid indicator of who the God of a society is. You’re not going to go to a work by Libfrty, not even as accessible as this one, for warm and fuzzy encouragement.

But, being an introduction, he never delves very deeply on any single idea. On one hand is the path to true freedom: May 09, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a fair criticism, but for those rusjdoony are not offended by the brusque tone of the author, there is a great deal that can be gained here.

Law & Liberty – R.J. Rushdoony

The Sanctity of Life 3. Justice and libergy Common Law How does Romans The result is a progressive collapse of law and order, and the breakdown of society. Most orthodox Christians that have given much thought to the issues would likely agree with most of his conclusions in this short work.