Labu Sayong Cafe – Silveritage Medan Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak – Rated based on 31 Reviews “Overall I can say, environment is nice, presentation of. Traditional water pitchers known as labu sayong continue to be loved in this day and age, thanks to constant promotional efforts by the cottage. One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayong, which is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, in the district of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The mere.

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Such tedious and painstaking process!!!

Clay vase on isolated white background. One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayongwhich is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, lahu the district of Kuala KangsarPerak. The year-old has travelled to many parts of the world to learn the art of pottery making. These pitchers showcase the beauty of Malaysia’s heritage and most of the creations can be attributed to the skill and natural talent sayogn the women folk.

The gourd-shaped jars made of fine clay are carbonised using hot rice husk to give them that black gloss. Labu sayong stock photos Labu sayong stock photos, vectors, and saylng are available royalty-free. Labu Sayong in Malay. Handmade traditional craft known as ‘labu sayong’ normally used as gift or souvenir found in Perak,Malaysia.


Labu Sayong – Review of Win Kraf, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia – TripAdvisor

Search by image Oops! Step 1 – Rinse the inside with plain water to clean the clay. Lxbu is believe that the water stored in Labu Sayong help prevent many illnesses and stomach disorders. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas.

He makes decorative flower pots and glazed cooking pots, gravy pots, oil lamps, vases etc. The idea of creating this gourd-shaped clay pitcher originated from the use of actual matured pumpkins to store water, after the contents had been removed and the inside cleaned. Colourful display in one section of the Aw Pottery showroom.

Labu sayong stock photos

Nowadays, the clay soil is mixed with Sodium and water in a simple improvised machine to produce a batter. His shop is located at Batu 2, Jalan Klang in this fishing town. The price ranges from RM Pembangunan Kemajuan Negeri Perak PKNP kini tampil mengetengahkan pembinaan seni bina rumah tradisional Melayu berkonsepkan Rumah Sayojg berkonsepkan restoran makan tradisional negeri ini The art of pitcher making involves the shaping of clay, which is then printed with various designs, smoked and then baked to form a handicraft which is lots beautiful and unique.

Our traditional restaurant plays host to many special and memorable occasions, including birthdays, weddings, corporate dining, product launching and more.

You can also switch to view results based on popularity sqyong best match. It is made of clay that has been in the process with a variety of attractive colors and patterns.


The batter is pour into the mould. Bekas menyimpan air yang dihasilkan daripada tanah liat ini dibentuk dan diukir dengan teliti.

If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. The pot is removed from the mould and turn upside down to dry.

The making of the Labu Sayong emphasises the elements of nature, from the use of the clay right to the technique of shaping it with the hands. Some people even use oil lamps as candle holders.

Labu sayong

Traditional Malay water storage containers or Labu Sayong isolat. Artistic clay container carving with the inscription in Arabic: Traditional Malay water storage containers or Labu Sayong It is made of clay that has been in the process with a variety of attractive colors and patterns. It is first pounded into extremely fine powder and then sieved from coarser remains and wood to obtain the finest and cleanest clay.

After that, it is shaped into its distinct traditional ‘double-bulb’ shape.