Jim said: If you read only one book on leadership please, don’t choose this “ La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo” as Want to Read: . pero deberían enviar al infierno de los escritores a James C. Hunter por . JAMES C. HUNTER is head of J. D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a leadership training and development firm. His internationally bestselling book, The Servant: A. Buy La paradoja / The Servant: Un Relato Sobre La Verdadera Esencia Del Liderazgo by James C. Hunter (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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La paradoja: un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo – James C. Hunter – Google Books

If you’re thinking of reading it for the information of Servant Leadership, I’d recommend almost any of the dozens of other books written on the topic. Theresa, a Hispanic public school principal from downstate spoke lidfrazgo, and then Chris, a tall, attractive, black woman who coached women’s basketball at Michigan State University. Overall, I found this book to be scripted and cliche’. Or Noel Burch liderazgp the four stages of competence.

The author weaves the tail of an executive who, while visiting a monastery attains lessons on authority and leadership. It’s a short book that doesn’t cover much that isn’t already covered in other introductory leadership and morality books. The mames being that with authority employees really want to do as you ask, rather than being afraid not to; c true leadership in essence comes from love – the selfless act of serving your employees, and providing their legitimate needs.

Some of the best teams with the most enthusiasm or energy are that way because the leader instills that as a top priority and a filter – those who are not enthusiastic, will not be welcome to work here.

This book greatly shaped the way I ran student government during my time at Liverazgo State. This book has a lots of information about paeadoja a leader. And I’m a little troubled by Hunter’s secularized idea of what the purpose of a monastery is.


La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo

This is such a book. Read the book to learn what the levels are I plan to use it in my own teaching and, hopefully, inculcate it in my own leadership philosophy. I’ll come back to that.

Be humble to discard false masks. Nice, short storytelling on leadership.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership

Mar 11, Cathy Sites rated it liked it. I found its lessons very useful, with plenty of “food for thought” on my own behaviors and leadership skills. Also, the part where it’s self-help was supposed to be subtle, making some people believe it can be also about the story, but the charact It’s with pain that I rate it two stars, because I really found it tiring to read it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Wouldn’t our world be better served by a more wise use of our resources? It’s not just for those wanting to be good “leaders”, it’s for those that want to be better people. Consider the children in developing nations that sew our childrens soccer balls together. The content is alright, organising all good things into one page, but the story telling is lame.

Where is the servant in that?

Here again, coupled with nicotine levels intended to produce addiction, they ensure a stable and reliable market for their products and profits. It is huge responsibility to have been entrusted with the well being of so man Overall a great read – another practical leadership book told in story form. Perhaps a better example, one that is never touched on very strongly, is the amount of resources that we use compared to our population.

PG Smokers blame cigarette companies to their addiction.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter

If the purpose of a vehicle is to get us and our gear from point A to point B AND a smaller vehicle will do the job, then isn’t any vehicle larger than that in effect a waste? Fix field “sort by title”. The Servant Leader is very accessible paraxoja provides an excellent narrative for discussion on what is effective leadership. Still, there are lessons to be gleaned.


Our financial compensation is based on how much value we create financially but it is also a reflection of how much value huunter placed on us. Had to read the book for a college project, so I had jmes read it fast, and the book isn’t exactly engaging. But the fact is, the cigarette companies stacked the deck Start by going back to Greenleaf, and seeking the actual texts by Covey, Blanchard, etc.

Mas que bom que consegui ler esse livro! Refresh and try again. Discipline is to teach ourselves to do what is not natural until it becomes natural and a habit to a young child, potty training is so unnatural.

Some timeless principles about humility, service and commitment. Because leadership is so worked as the characters in this “b Superficiality jamse the masses When trying to get the ingredients of what has to be good leadership for a successful business through an Anglican monk!?

Not sure the exact percentages here but in the USA we consume a large portion of the available resources relative to our population. Fortunately, applying a modicum of intellect will help the baby seals escape the clubbing Canadians and the discerning readers can sidestep the drivel. Leadership is a choice You chose it. Occasionally you come across a book that hits exactly at what you were thinking.


Refresh and try again. Power – The ability to force or coerce someone to do your will, even if they would f not to, because of your position or might. More philosophical than practical. Simplistic writing, stereotyped caricatures including irritatingly self-absorbed, dense, and dull “protagonist”, do-nothing “good” preacher, studious educational administrator, reformed business tycoon, and berating military man.

There’s nothing wrong with rewriting old stuff by others into a new story