La Noyée. Author: Tiersen, Yann. Level: intermediate. Tags: French 1 Year Premium Access – Get all sheets for 9 EUR! Complete list of sheet music. Another song from the iconic Amélie soundtrack by Yann Tiersen (). “La Noyee Sheet Music” by Yann Tiersen, “ La Noyee Sheet Music” for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano Solo, Original key: G, number of pages sheet music .

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Yann Tiersen | La Noyee | guitar pro @ Guitar Tabs Archive

La Valse des Vieux Os is another accordian waltz, which alternates a lyrical duet with a dancing chorus. Tiersen is often mistaken for a composer of soundtracks, himself saying “I’m not a composer and I really don’t have a classical background”, [3] but his real focus is on touring and studio albums which just happen to often be suitable for film. The soundtrack to Amelie is highly recommended as something quite original in the world of movie soundtracks, though it is hoped that we haven’t heard the last of Yann Tiersen.

Retrieved 4 May The name Dust Lane partly came from the image of the dirt road going into Gaza. Guilty is a romantic old song fromsung in English and complete with original “old-record” sound and minor scratches. Its single, “Monochrome”, sung by Dominique A, was a radio hit and propelled the album.

Yann Tiersen La Noyee

A few years later, when his band broke up, Tiersen bought a cheap mixing deskan 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorderand started recording music solo with a synthesizera sampler muskc, and a drum machine. Pianoviolinaccordionguitartoy pianovoiceand various others. Enez EusaFrench: The documentary, narrated by Tabarly himself, traces his sporting career until his last meal in Ushant.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Yann Tiersen. As with Amelie’s theme, waltzes also feature throughout the soundtrack and give a merry-go-round impression, as though the characters are experiencing the whirlwind of life.

Yann Tiersen – La Noyée

Muisc Jours Tristes is listed as “instrumental”, this designation implying that the track was recorded live by an ensemble rather than tracks played and layered by Tiersen himself. Note that Le Moulin isn’t “Rouge” but a hestitant tune, more reflective in character and tinged with sadness, on solo accordian then piano. His musical style is deceptively simple to recognize but difficult to catalogue.

Claire Pichet and drummer Sacha Toorop are also featured on this album, [14] but both albums can be considered as a one-man works. The sleeve notes mention that a vocal version of this is available on Tiersen’s latest album “L’Absente”. The album is preoccupied with mortality; during the recording sessions Tiersen lost his mother and a close friend. Yann Tiersen born 23 June is a French musician and composer.

The question is whether she is willing to face her own problems. October saw the European release of his seventh studio album, Skyline.

The music of the soundtrack does noywe to enhance the movie, the mood moving on a spectrum musiic melancholy and carefree, but even the sadder emotions are tinged with a kind of Gallic acceptance, “C’est La Vie! It varies greatly from one album to the next and with the passage of time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet had something else in mind for the film score, but one day one of his production assistants put on a CD of Tiersen, and the director found it absolutely superb.


This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat La Gazette de Berlin in French Another waltz follows from “Rue des Cascades” called Soir de Fete with hand-claps, mandolin, accordian and strange low whistle. The recordings started out as simple song based tracks with Tiersen playing acoustic guitarka and bouzouki.

Amelie – by Yann Tiersen, the delightful soundtrack to this film

Amelie is a likeable girl who develops an ambition to help others. Tiersen only returned to his childhood instrument years later after searching for string sounds to sample. All tracks from his debut album, La Valse des monstreswere conceived for stage adaptations and plays.

Tiersen’s music is influenced by the classical training he received when he was a child and by the American and British punk subcultureand by the music he used to listen to as a teenager. The music fades leaving a tinkling music-box tune which becomes recognisable as “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” from the Disney film “Song of the South”. New layers were added to the recordings creating a more complex sound. Documentary about the recording and composition of Les Retrouvailles in Ouessant.

La Hoyee is a melancholy waltz on accordian and piano. Sine Terra Firma, Ici, d’ailleurs The hard part was making a selection, because all his tracks worked with the film’s images! Tiersen’s list of collaborators continues to grow. La Route du Rock. Archived from the original on 8 January