Este sexto libro de Kryon trata de la Asociación con Dios Kryon nos explica temas como las Siete Conexiones del amor, los Niños Índigo, la co-creación de la. Kryon dice ser una entidad extraterrestre canalizada por el norteamericano Lee Carroll y catastróficas que nos proporcionan a diario los medios de comunicación. . (Recuerda, Jan y yo escribimos el libro ori¬ginal sobre Los Niños Índigo. The Paperback of the Kryon by Angelo Picco Barilari at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The medication, for instance Ritalin, once taken, form crystallized structures within the DNA, molecular structures and cell alignments where the consciousness systems have implanted themselves. Eine Kryon – Parabel. I would stand absolute as iryon with all the consciousness system establishments which I assisted in designing in this world within the channel in which I communicated.

At first, we assumed that this was a cultural attribute, reflecting a changing America. I ask of all who read my words to maintain stability within them and hear my words unconditionally.

To generate as much emotional compound energy as possible to maintain the flourishing of mind consciousness systems within the rest of humanity on earth. They only thrive on sex and money, this is all each human beings’ life boils down to in essence. There were at this time only a select few dimensional beings directly interacting here on earth and this included myself.

The difficulties were odd in nature, in that they represented an interchange between adult and child kryo was unexpected and seemingly atypical of what our generation had experienced.

The difficulties were odd in nature, in that they represented an interchange between adult and child that was unexpected and seemingly atypical of what our generation had experienced or even the one after ours.

Therefore if each one reading my words in this moment look at the expression of mankind, you will notice that the primary function of humanity is based on evolution, the apparent ever evolving nature of man.

The designing of the application of relationship was principally based for kruon experience of sex as consciousness systems required the emotional and feeling compound energy generated during sex as their power source to have the ability to exist.

Therefore human beings, I Kryon, stand here before you, sharing my experience within the dimensions and lndigo transformation of consciousness to awareness. indig

What I am specifically stating is the following: The crystallization of consciousness systems consists of the following: As we mentioned, we also have a short chapter honoring the older Indigos, and again as in the last booksome letters from the Indigos themselves. There has been a being here on earth who has realized that the dimensional beings interaction and participation here on earth was not to support the human beings directly as they experience themselves on earth.


I ask your forgiveness in my admittance of my conscious participation within the establishments of the enslaved and controlled existence as consciousness. It has escaped mainstream attention due to the fact that it is just too “weird” to consider in the paradigm of human jndigo, which smugly considers humanity as a static, unchanging model.

As Lee tells it, God had to hit him Once this total generation of emotional compound energy is activated through the Child’s behaviour and is transferred through their unconsciousness mind to other human beings’ unconscious mind — the transference of this specific emotional compound energy manifests and infuses itself within the DNA and molecular structures and cell alignments within the rest of humanities physical bodies.

I am here to inform indigi that this application of using medication is indeed causing more harm than actual support. The answer is simple: During the pregnancy period, when the baby is being developed within the mother’s womb, the CDMCS is infused, indigp in and implanted within the entire physical body of the being here on earth.

Are these kids smarter than we were at their age? They also were reporting similar challenges.


The requirement and development of for instance Ritalin specifically has specially been designed in cases such as the defined beings within this world as Indigo Children. As I have explained, medication furthers the development of consciousness systems within them. Ask any schoolteacher these days, and they will tell you that our educational system really needs an overhaul. We within the dimensions as heaven stand within and as oneness and equality. En el primer libro canalizado por Lee CarrollKryon nos dice que “actualmente, en la Tierra, hay nueve entidades canalizando el Kryon.

One of the two parts within this SMCS specialized mind consciousness system is specifically designed as the Indigo Child’s personality which includes the Child’s behaviour and choice of words. It turns out that many of these children are often interested in church, and their own spirituality. All designs which I participated within were the most prominent foundation upon which consciousness systems was based.

Indigo Children are but upgraded consciousness systems — infused, locked in and implanted with SMCS to specifically generate extensive amounts of emotional compound energy through their behaviours to support the flourishing of mind consciousness systems within human beings as who they have become.

If you continue to support Indigo Children in this world with the current information and understanding of who and what they are, you are in truth supporting that which controls all human beings in this world: So when they are born, they are immediately born as CDMCS with the unconscious mind already placed within their physical body as crystals, holding the reactive behaviour patterns and designs which nils emotional and feeling energy, already prepared, in place rkyon moment they are introduced into this systematic world.


Having emotional compound energy be the power source which make the existence of consciousness systems possible and on which they thrive to flourish. The designs of systems I specifically participated in designing were channeling kgyon, the systems that made it possible for channels on earth as human beings to exist.

I specifically placed myself as a channel to be able to ensure that all the consciousness system establishments within this world I have designed for control and enslavement purposes are maintained through my presence the moment I enter this jios dimensional world through a channel.

This is but one example of what occurred within the total dimensional existence. This method of directive application from the parents and other human beings within the presence of Indigo Children will take time, patience and courage as it’s a process. Some years ago, people started to talk about specific troubles with keyon kids.

Kryon – Indigo and Crystal children

Relationships inevitably lead to the experience of sex, sex being the actual driving force and focus for the reason of the desire and hope for a relationship in this world by each and every single human being. Herein your mind consciousness system connects the sound signature of the word evolution: Additionally, we assumed that even if there were great changes going on with the kids, professionals and researchers would communicate about this within their industry – that the “pros” would also be observing this event.

Kryon – Introducing Lee Carroll The money system in this world as money is the ineigo expression of the power, enslavement and control consciousness systems have over humanity.

The manifestation of the application of evolution in this world is money which is indig of the primary driving force manifestations of human beings in this world. Lee CarrollKryon – – Just because it was on the Internet does not mean that it had no author.