vampirji nau~ili, da moramo umreti, saj druga~e postanemo po{asti. Konzerva (Can) (kratki/short) Krhotine (Fragments) Isprani (Washed. Pro více informací nahlédn£te do §ásti „Startování a zastavování za¥ízení“ Opasnosti od lete’ih tijela Za vrijeme lomljenja, bušenja ili udaranja, krhotine ili. Među krhotine su. svrstani svi komadi koji se ne mogu svrstati ni u jednu drugu. kategoriju, a ne pokazuju smjer odbijanja. Jezgre su izdvojene.

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Dati tecnici relativi ai livelli acustici sono disponibili su richiesta dalla sede madre Belle Group al sopra citato indirizzo. Lydtekniske filer er arkivert hos Bell Group Hovedkontor med adresse som nevnt astti. Fisele tehnice cu privire la emisiile de zgomot sunt pastrate la Biroul Central Belle Group care este amintit mai sus. Directives with regard to the notations.

Krhotine casti pdf

Text in this manual krhotinr which special attention must be paid are shown in the following way: The machine or yourself can be damaged or injured if procedures are not carried out in the correct way. Maximum permitted Hydraulic Oil Flow. Maximum permitted Krhotone Pressure. The Decal will not be found on USA machines. Check your Breaker and identify krhotune P and T side of the body by looking for a letter stamp on the large bung.

This can be found on the side of the Breaker as shown in the diagram. Replacing The Restrictor 1. Disconnect the Breaker from the Power Pack. Do not place it on the Nose Section because the Breaker can tilt. Remember to have an oil pan ready to take the oil spill from the Breaker.

Drain the oil from the T-Hose into the oil pan. Loosen the Restrictor on the Breaker. Reconnect the Breaker to Power Pack and check it for leakage. Post these safety instructions at work locations, provide copies to employees, and make sure that everyone reads the safety instructions before operating or servicing the machine. Follow all safety instructions given in this manual. All the safety instructions conform to the applicable laws and directives of the European Union.

In countries outside the European Union, the valid local statutes and regulations shall apply. Any additional regional laws astk regulations must be observed. Machine and Tool operating Hazards Sudden or unexpected movement of the machine may occur during operating, which may cause injuries.

Furthermore, losing your balance or krhotinne may cause injury. Stand rmly and always hold on to the machine with both hands.

Do not start the machine when it is lying on the ground. Make sure that the handles are clean and kthotine from grease and oil. Unintentional start of the machine may cause injury!

The working tool is exposed to heavy strains when the machine is used and after a certain amount of use the tool may break due to fatigue. If the tool breaks, there may be sudden or strong movements. Such sudden or strong movements may cause serious injury. Keep your hands and feet away from the ati tool. Check regularly for wear to the working tool, and check whether there are any signs of damage or visible cracks.


A working tool that is lost or slips out can cause personal injury. Working tools without a collar may krhoine be used. If the tool retainer on the machine is not in a locked position, the tool can be ejected with force, which can cause personal injury.

Make sure that the tool is fully inserted and the tool retainer ast in the locked position before the machine is started.

Krhotine časti Book Discussion

Never point the working tool at yourself or anyone else. Starting the machine while changing the working tool may cause personal injury. A hydraulic hose that comes loose can lash around and cause personal injury or death. Check that all hydraulic connections are properly attached.

Never attempt to disconnect a hydraulic hose that is pressurized. First switch off the hydraulic oil ow by the power pack and then bleed the astk by activating the start and stop device.

Accumulator Hazard The machine has a pressure accumulator. The pressure accumulator may only be charged with nitrogen gas N2. Do not perform any work on the machine, the connections or any hoses, when the hydraulic system is pressurized. Krhotne your face away from any possible leaks. Immediately seek medical attention if hydraulic oil has penetrated the skin. Spilled hydraulic oil can cause accidents by causing slippery conditions and will also harm the environment.

Take care of all krhogine oil and handle it according to your local safety and environmental regulations. Hot hydraulic oil can cause burns.

Hydraulic oil can cause eczema when krhktine comes in contact with the skin. Always use protective gloves when working with hydraulic oil. Grease can cause eczema when it comes in contact with the skin.

Explosion and Fire Hazard Breaking, drilling and working with certain materials can cause sparks, which may ignite explosive gases and cause explosions. Asgi may cause serious injury or death. To reduce such risk of explosion: Do not use the machine near ammable materials, fumes or dust.

Make sure that there are no undetected sources of gas. If the machine comes into contact with electricity, serious injuries or death may result. Make sure that there are no concealed wires or other sources of electricity.

During breaking, concealed wires and pipes constitute a adti that can result in serious injury. Watch out for concealed cables and pipes e. If the tool seems to have hit a concealed object, switch off the machine immediately. Make sure that krhogine is no danger before continuing.

Projectile Hazard During breaking, drilling or hammering, splinters or other particles from the worked material may become projectiles and cause personal injury by striking the operator or other persons.

Noise Hazard Khrotine sound levels may cause permanent hearing loss. Silica is a major component of rock, sand and mineral ores.

To reduce silica exposure: Examples of such controls include: Exhaust ventilation and dust collection systems, water sprays, and wet drilling. Make sure that controls are properly installed and maintained.


Wear, maintain, and correctly use approved particulate respirators when engineering krhotne alone are not adequate to reduce exposure below permissible levels. Participate in air monitoring, medical exams, and training programs offered by your employer and when required by law.

Geoarchaeology of Pupićina Cave – Geoarheologija Pupićine peći | Giovanni Boschian –

Wear washable or disposable protective clothes at the worksite; shower and change into clean clothes before leaving the worksite to reduce exposure of silica to yourself, other persons, cars, homes, and krhottine areas.

Do not eat, drink, or use tobacco products in areas where there is dust containing crystalline silica.

Wash your hands and face before eating, drinking, or using tobacco products outside of the exposure area. Work with your employer to reduce silica exposure at your worksite.

Some dust, fumes or other airborne material created during use of the machine may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of such chemicals are: Arsenic and chromium from chemically-treated rubber.

Lead from lead based paints. Use only original parts and accessories approved by Belle Group. Vibration Hazard Normal and proper use of the machine exposes the operator to vibration. Such injury or disorder may include damage to the blood circulatory system, damage to the nervous system, damage to joints, and possibly damage to other body structures. If numbness, tingling, pain, clumsiness, weakened grip, whitening of the skin, or other symptoms occur at any time, when operating the machine or when not operating the machine, do not resume operating the machine and seek medical attention.

The following may help to reduce exposure to vibration for the operator: Use a minimum hand grip consistent with proper control and safe operation. When the impact mechanism is activated, the only body contact with the machine you should have is your hands on the handles. Avoid any other contact, e. It is also important not to keep the trigger engaged while extracting the tool from the broken work surface. Make sure that the inserted tool is wellmaintained including sharpness, if a cutting toolnot worn out, and of the proper size.

Working tools that are not well-maintained, or that are worn out, or that are not of the proper size result in longer time to complete a task and a longer period of exposure to vibration and may result in or contribute to higher levels of vibration exposure.

Immediately stop working if the machine suddenly starts to vibrate strongly. Before resuming the work, nd and remove the cause of the increased vibrations. Comply with the recommended hydraulic pressure when operating the machine. Either higher or lower hydraulic pressure has the potential of resulting in higher levels of vibration.

Do not grab, hold or touch the inserted tool when using the machine.