2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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Resetting the Koha Database 1. Check In Returning 3.

The Sphinx daemon 5. Set IP address range in the library administration area Get there: This data is stored in the system regardless of your choice, unless your patrons have chosen to never have their reading history kept. We are aware of no active exploits at this time. The dictionary includes ioha list of accepted and rejected tags. Shelving Location Authorized Values 9. It also determines if the item koga icon appears on the OPAC search results.

CALYX Newsletter August – CALYX: Open source library consultants

This list is temporary and will be emptied, or cleared, at the end of the session. The Holds to Pull report in circulation defaults to filtering holds placed 2 days ago.

If the library is sharing an installation of Koha 3.0 other independent libraries which do not wish to allow interlibrary borrowing it is recommended that this parameter be set to “Don’t allow”. If you would like to style your notices with a consistent set of fonts and colors you 3.100 use this preference to point Koha to a stylesheet specifically for your notices. Tip Set the value to 0 zero to turn this feature off. The biggest stumbling block mnaual having Koha harvest from other repositories is that MARC is the only metadata format that Koha indexes natively.

The circulation and fines policies will be determined the patron’s home library. This field takes any combination of item fields from the items table in the Koha database for blocking. This preference allows for ‘Personal Name Authorities’ to replace authors as the bibliographic authority.


Additional values can be found here: If you want the burden of holds fulfillment to be spread out equally throughout your library system, simply enable RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight. Batch item modification 2. Important This overrides autoMemberNum if on. Learn more at http: Custom RSS Feeds 6. This preference allows the administrator to select the number of recent issues for each serial manuzl appear in the OPAC when the serial is accessed. Edit ‘ opacheader ‘ if you’d like to add a library name above your search box on the OPAC.

This preference is important because it determines whether or not a patron can place a request for an item that might be in the process of being repaired or not in good condition. This feature is not supported by all browsers.

The Transport Cost Matrix takes precedence in controlling where holds are filled from, if the matrix is not used then Kohs checks the StaticHoldsQueueWeight. If this preference is left blank when adding items kkoha acquisitions there will be no check for uniqueness.

The feed limit for non-commercial sites is requests per day. For example a value of: The rejected list includes tags that are not allowed. Important Talk to your system administrator when changing this preference to make sure that your system is set up properly for this to work.

Tip You cannot have more than one service for cover images including local cover images set up.

ioha If you have a multiple branch system you may want to make sure that Koha takes into consideration what branch owns the books when populating the virtual shelf browser for accuracy. In the Print Driver 1. Set to ‘Use’ to display an “Editions” tab on the item’s detail page. If shown in the right column of the page it’s the same content, but displays a bit differently since space is limited.


Koha manual pdf – harounddo

Kanual that are ‘expired’ by this preference are moved to the ‘Holds Over’ tab on the ‘ Holds Awaiting Pickup ‘ report. Setting this to ‘Allow’ is dangerous, and should not be done in production environments.

Important You will need to get your client code directly from Syndetics. Add to a List 1. If you would like kpha be able to limit searches on item type and shelving location for example you would enter itemtypes loc in the preference input box. If you’d like, single item caps can be specified in the circulation rules matrix.

Koha 3.10 New & Updated System Preferences

This determines how the ISBD information will display. This preference enables word stemming.

Allow Patrons can place holds on specific items as well as the next available item. The ‘the calendar to skip all days the library is closed’ setting allows for a scheduled closure not to count as a day in the loan period, the ‘circulation rules only’ setting would not consider the scheduled closure at all, and ‘the calendar to push the due date to the next open day’ would only effect the due date if the day the item is due would fall specifically on the day of closure.

Turn your logo into a favicon with the Favicon Generator. If you would like to protect your patron’s privacy in the OPAC you can choose to hide their names or parts of their names from any of the comments they leave on bib records in your system.