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The right side of the abdomen and chest rest on the right thigh. Stimulates blood circulation and particularly increases the flow of blood into the head. The Asana has a calming effect and relieves tiredness, nervousness and depression. Gaze is directed towards the navel. In this way the Asana counters tiredness and aids concentration and eyesight.

The palms or fingers touch the floor.

Stretches the whole spine and front of the body. Asana is included in the following categories: If one practices these exercises with regular discipline, Khatu Pranam also becomes a powerful tool in regulating the entire nervous system.

Holding the breath extend the arms above the head and bring the palms together. In the initial stage of practice, focus is given to the physical benefits. The shoulders are pressed down and back.

KHATU PRANAM – an invigorating sequence

It expands consciousness, harmonises the body, breath and nervous system, and promotes the feeling of calmness. Chin, chest, knees and toes touch the ;ranam. Invigorates the whole body, balances energy flow and stimulates the function of all glands.

The Tattvas elements and biorhythms are brought into balance. Look towards the hands. Keeping the back and arms straight, bend forward from the hips until the arms praham forehead touch the floor Shashankasana. Avoid this sequence of Asanas with very high blood pressure or dizziness.


Khatu Pranam

Body weight is distributed between the hands and the soles of the feet. Raise the head and look to the front.

The lungs are expanded and the breath spreads into all areas praham the chest, particularly into the sides of the lungs.

In the third round, step the right foot forward again in Position 6, etc. The Khatu Ashram and its surroundings is filled with an immense spiritual power and radiance which is imparted to us when we focus our mind, with love and reverence, on this holy place.

Bring the body forward until the shoulders are between the hands. Exhaling lower the arms and place the hands beside the foot on the floor, as in Position 6 or Yoga in Daily Life – The System.

KHATU PRANAM – For Daily Health & Harmony

Strengthens the back, arm and shoulder muscles. Strengthens the whole body.

Circulation is stimulated and fatigue is overcome. Exhaling tuck the toes under, straighten the arms and legs and raise the buttocks high. This posture influences the Anahata Chakra. Extends the spine and stretches the hip flexors, thus is excellent in preventing a rounded back.

The energy flows more freely throughout the body, especially into the limbs. Be sure not to over-extend the lower back. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is promoted which stimulates the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Relax the whole body. The toes are tucked under and hips are raised from the floor. In the second round step the left foot forward between the hands in Position 6 and back again in Position Stretch not only through the lumbar spine but also through the thoracic spine, so that the whole of the spine is kgatu arched.


Perform rounds of Khatu Pranam once or twice a day, especially when feeling tired and you will feel fresh and vital. Circulates blood to all organs of the pelvis, abdomen and chest, and stimulates function of all glands. The upper body and head are straight and in line. The whole Khatu Pranam sequence is invigorating and brings balance to body, mind and psyche. This posture balances the energy flow of the whole body and has an activating effect upon the Sahasrara Chakra.

Stretches the calf muscles and helps foot strain and venous return. It broadens the consciousness to perceive the vital energy pranwm everywhere. The palms or fingers touch the floor. This exercise, which harmonises body, mind and soul, is the outcome of research and experience extending over many years.