All activities, Uploads, Posts and uploads. Kerapu Kertang uploaded a video1 month ago. · 11 Agustus Kerapu Kertang. 3 views. 1 month ago. As culture interests in new species change with season and demand, research centres in the region race to breed these trendy species locally. In Malaysia’s. Kerapu kertang translation in Indonesian-English dictionary.

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They feeds on crustacean, fishes and squids. Brood stock is replaced every years with wild stocks. Dicatat oleh CENT di 2: Keraph, 31 Mac Breeding the giant grouper and improving broodstock.

Clean water in the coral area makes the best place for Giant Grouper. Fish are fed juvenile tuna and water is exchanged every two days in the tonne cement tanks. GG as they popularly known among the researcher and farmers.

Demong, Besut, Keertang, Malaysia are inniated to developed this system in order to enhanced the production of marine fry for more efficient,cheap and economically.

Malaysian Grouper Fishes: Giant Grouper, Kerapu Kertang, Epinephelus lanceolatus

Private hatcheries are able to breed the big eyed trevally Caranx sexfasciatusgolden trevally Gnathanodon speciosusthreadfin, Eleutheronema tetradactylummouse grouper Cromileptis altivelishybrid giant and tiger grouper, Plectropomus maculatus and cobia Rachycentron canadum. Init was upgraded kegapu a research centre. Its economically, practically and convinient to operate in small size location.

The giant grouper is the next popular species. It has been the trend with marine fish farmers to change species with season, prices and availability of fingerlings. Even the GG scales also reported to be very nutritious and having remedial effects.


Posted by Mahmud Ismail at 4: The series of success have been with the following species; green grouper E. How ever, thank to the researchers who come out with technology to propagate this species in hatchery, the demand for its tasty and nutritious values can be addressed.

Lihat profil lengkap saya. Three pairs are used for spawning via hormonal stimulation each month to produce 5 to 10 million eggs per spawning. Eggs are supplied free to private hatcheries such as former marine shrimp hatcheries for larval rearing and nursery to 2. They always capture the attention of general public every time they were caught by the fishermen.

We also had to keep up with progress in the hatcheries and research institutes in Taiwan and Indonesia, leaders in marine fish fry production.

The centre holds 95 broodstock of which only are ready to spawn. Dicatat oleh CENT di 8: Records keeapu they can grow to hundreds of kilogram and achieve an old age of 60 years old.

Kerapu tikus x kerapu kertang

Dicatat oleh CENT di 6: Isnin, 13 April Biologi Ikan Kerapu. It started with larval rearing of sea bass with eggs spawned at the Fisheries Research Institute in Penang in and went on to complete the cycle for the sea bass in They are common in the shallow water and used to be found in even brackish water. Newer Post Older Post Home. As culture interests in new species change with season and demand, research centres in the region race to breed these trendy species locally.


Achieving consistent spawning at the centre is proving to be more difficult as compared to previous successes with the tiger grouper and other snappers and groupers. Due to its size, it was observed that there always small number of this hugh predator dwelling in an area of coral reef.

The other markets including South East Asian countries. Human being must work to and do a lot of research to satisfy their own needs.

At more than 30 kg there are apparent signs kerrang maturity but cannulation only indicates ready to spawn males in more kertsng 50 kg fish. Hormonal application throughfeeding did not give consistent results. Dicatat oleh CENT di 9: In my previous post, Common Grouper Fishes Of MalaysiaI did mentioned how special and popular this fish to the local of Asian populations. Beside that, its possible to practice for both freshwater and seawater system. Rabu, 16 November Vtg as biomaker indicator in sex determination of Giant Grouper.