The from Keithley is a 20 channel differential multiplexer with automatic CJC. The CJC sensor is mounted on the multiplexer module’s PC board and it. Buy Keithley Digital Multimeter for RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple Browse our latest data-acquisition-accessories offers. Free Next Day Delivery. Keithley Ch Differential Multiplexer Module w/Auto CJC/Screw Terminals for , , – at the Test Equipment Depot.

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Getting insights quickly is important, so KickStart plots your data immediately and dedicates a large portion of the viewing area to the graph, while also allowing you to view and edit the most essential parameters of other instruments in your test setup. Many of the plug-in switch modules have multi-pin D-sub connectors to ensure secure, minimal keithleh connections in automated test environments.

Data can be stored to an external USB memory stick to prevent data loss in the event of interruption of line power. Do all this from two menus and see – on one screen – how each channel is kfithley.

Used Keithley Instruments 20 Channel Multiplexer Card | MATsolutions

Kickstart also includes comparison tools to allow you to plot and overlay data from the run history of each test. The DAQ also has an option to automatically restart scanning after a power interruption. The low frequency, multiple pole switch modules can allow measurement of voltage, 2-wire- and 4-wire resistance, and frequency. Add customized applications to the DAQ to enhance the instrument’s capability. The new data will be stored in a separate data buffer with time-stamped measured data so that the lost time due to the power failure can be noted.

The is ideal for RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple temperature applications. Want to review the trend of the data? There are two additional protected channels for current measurements. In addition, two modules have current measurement channels. A number of modules have cold junction compensation, temperature references for thermocouple temperature monitoring of devices during environmental testing, and HALT and HASS accelerated life testing. The Keithley DAQ Data Acquisition keighley Logging Multimeter System is a precision data acquisition and logging system that creates a new level of simplicity compared with the often complicated configuration and control found in many stand-alone solutions.


Save bench space and cost with an instrument that performs like a DMM and a data logger. These test scripts are complete test programs based on an easy-to-use yet highly efficient and compact scripting language, LUA www. Make your measurements with instrument-grade quality.

The chart below shows all of the DAQ’s 15 measurement functions and ranges. For maximum accuracy, measurements can be filtered and integrated over a range of time intervals.

Low resistance readings can be improved with keuthley thermal offset compensation measurement technique. In fact, the DAQ can execute an automated sequence entirely without a PC thus saving test time and reducing the capital cost of the system. The status screen shows the percentage of the test that has been completed, the number of scans that have been completed, measurements on channels selected for monitoring, and whether any measurements are out of range.

For example, the DAQ can send commands to a temperature chamber to operate at specific temperatures and execute a scan when the chamber has reached the programmed temperatures.

Use a TSP script and the TSP-Link interface to execute a test for instrument-to-instrument communication without interaction with a computer. The measurement on that channel is displayed next to the closed channel. In addition, the contains latching electromechanical relays that enable signal bandwidths of up to 50 MHz.

You can choose the interface that is most suitable for your needs.

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This makes KickStart a great solution for your datalogging needs and keuthley capturing lots of data from transient events with a digitizing DMM. The D-sub connectors minimize downtime when changing plug-in switch modules during system maintenance or during the setup of a new test system. The system is organized in a master-subordinate configuration, essentially allowing the connected instruments to act as one.


Data can be viewed in a table or displayed on a plot without interrupting an automated scan sequence. This channel expansion bus allows connecting multiple DMM’s, other TSP-enabled instruments, and any LAN-based instruments together to form a tightly-synchronized instrument system.

Program statements control script execution and provide facilities such as variables, functions, branching, and loop control. The dual functionality enables maximized utilization of your instrument. These examples highlight the unique ability of the Keithley DAQ to run specialized applications that customize the user interface.

Build a Keithley DAQ test system with a selection of 12 plug-in switch modules with a wide range of functionality. Visualize, Execute, and Debug Your Test Setup in Minutes Build a test sequence and define the required measurements from one setup screen.

Two-year accuracy specifications keitjley included, so you can be assured your critical measurements remain accurate and fully traceable.

In addition to an indication of measurements in an overflow condition, limit settings can be programmed for any channel.

Next, assign a measurementfunction to a channel or a group of channels. There are additional keifhley parameters to adjust the measurements and the switching to meet a specific application. Thus, the DAQ with its 12 switch modules provides an extensive range of flexibility to build a wide range of data acquisition or test systems.

This can significantly change the way information is displayed or even automated while running a test. The Status screen keith,ey display an out-of-limit indication when any channel’s measurement is outside the channel’s limit settings.