Proizvodimo i prodajemo kablovski pribor naponskog nivoa 1kV – 42kV, visokog kvaliteta. Od godine ovlašćeni smo partner Nexans Power Accessories. punjač, galanterija, gibljiva creva-bužiri, grebenasti prekidač, grejna tehnika, gromobranska oprema, industrijski utikači-utičnice (uko-uto), interfon, izolir traka, . Home / Potrosni materijal / Kablovski pribor / Page 4. Kablovski pribor. Home · Products · Potrosni materijal · Kablovski pribor; Page 4. Showing 49–64 of

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Novi Sad Narodnog Fronta no. Please provide us with your best offer in accordance with the kablovksi of the Client and the Statement of Work.


Contract will be concluded for period from 1st August pirbor 31st Decemberwith fixed unit prices during the validity of the Contract. The validity period of the offer is days from the date of submission of the Tender. Basis for issuing an invoice is the Record of performed service, signed by both Parties. Company name, address, responsible person, Number, date of the tender and validity of the tender Contact person, e-mail address and phone number, Method of payment Total weight and volume, type of packaging, Country of origin.


Potential tenderers

Decision on registration with the Business Registers Agency and Articles of Association or Memorandum of Association; The Tenderer is obliged to submit a court certificate confirming that the Tenderer is not subject to the procedure of enforced collection, bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, i.

Narodnog fronta 12 Novi Sad For: Tender Procedure Sector The envelope should contain the following inscription: Tenders sent to the Tender Procedure Sector must be pibor into two parts: The technical-qualification part must contain all the documents required by the statement of work and qualification criteria and must in no way contain the kabovski or the price-related documents.

The commercial part must contain the price-related documents. Both packages of documents are to be submitted in two copies – original and copy, with the technical-qualification kablovsku being delivered on CD as well.

Elektromaterijal i oprema | Veleprodaja | Maloprodaja | Uniprom

The price quote form is required to kablovvski delivered in a separate envelope. If the Tenderer considers the Tender confidential, it is necessary to mark the Tender in the upper right corner of the envelope with: Technical issues — Marija Udicki, e-mail: Withdrawal from procurement implies the suspension of the procurement as a whole or the suspension prbior the part of the procurement 7.


Procurement will be carried out by: NIS will select the most favourable Tender for each lot. Proposal of the Contract 3. Statement of the Ownership Structure 4. Statement of Work 5.

New Complex in Zrenjanin and in the field, at the drilling rigs on the Clients sites. Naziv javne nabavke – tendera. Regulatori i kontroleri – partija br. Remont reduktora snage od kW do kW. Rezervni delovi sistema otpepeljivanja filc rabic pletivo – za remont tent-a.

Kablovski pribor – tent. Radovi na rekonstrukciji toplotne podstanice. Rudarstvo i Energetika, oprema i radovi. Engagement of a mud engineer.

Tekst javne nabavke – tendera.