PEMBUATAN VIRGIN COCONUT OIL (VCO) DENGAN METODE SENTRIFUGASI. Coconut tree is one of the strategic commodities which became the pre-eminent national. In addition to being one of the strategic commodities, coconut tree has. Pengembangan LKS Pembuatan VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) secara Enzimatis pada Pokok Bahasan Implikasi Bioteknologi Di Kelas XII IPA SMA.

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This research used laboratory experimental method using descriptive analysis. Indonesia Language of fulltext: The research results showed that pembuahan can be used to break down the emulsion VCO-water.

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Email this article Login required. Changing variables used are coconut water ratio of 1: Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3. Manufacture of VCO is done by the method of ultrasonic wave using time 60 minutes with frequency 70kHz.

The purpose of this study was to determine the manufacture of VCO Virgin Coconut Oil by the method of cold, and knowing the number of VCO is in a green coconut and coconut hybrids.

Keywords Emulsion, ultrasonic, VCO, water and coconut ratio, temperature. VCO is one product of the coconut plant has bigger added value and beneficial to health. How to cite item.

Can be made into a green coconut because the VCO has a fairly large fruit, meat is not so thick and less fruit than the hybrid coconut.

The results of this study can provide benefits and helpful information for producers of coconut, in particular, and for all of us in general, because it is rich in coconut in South Kalimantan.

User Username Password Remember me. Indonesian Full-text formats available: Ratio of the coconut gco water as well as in the manufacture of coconut milk and temperatures when ultrasonic affects yield.


Email the author Login required. Qisti R Bogor: Sign up for new issue notifications. Coconut tree is one of the strategic commodities which became the pre-eminent national. VCO is made by the method of ultrasonic have the lowest yield, but the quality is the best if compared to the method of fermentation, enzimatis, pumping and pembuatann.

Funding for sustainable Open Access incl. Hand washing with soap is important because it is proven to clean hands from germs and bacteria.

The results of the VCO heavy green coconut on each treatment is 1. The purpose of this research was to determine the influence of temperature and ratio of water journl coconut in the manufacture of VCO with ultrasonic method, analyze the physical properties chemical VCO and compare the jourrnal with SNI, comparing the results of ultrasonic method with VCO created with another method, as well as find out the methods and conditions of operation of VCO with good journall and high yield.

Ultrasonic methods, variables coconut and water ratio of 2: Article Tools Print this article. Widiyanti Y Bogor: In addition to being one of the strategic commodities, journa tree has many benefits start from the root, stem, leaf, fruit, up to they sheath. Earth and Environmental Science.

Analysis undertaken include organoleptic analysis, moisture content, free fatty acid, peroxide value, number Iod, and Fe contamination. Parameters tested were moisture content, stability of foam, pH value, insoluble material in ethanol, free alkali content, unsaponified fat, antibacterial activity test, and organoleptic test. Research needs to be done to study the manufacture of VCO that is created by using ultrasonic waves and compare it with the existing method of VCO by using secondary data.



Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author s and the pemvuatan of the work, journal citation and DOI. Abstract Coconut tree is one of the strategic commodities which became the pre-eminent national.

To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. While the hybrid coconut oil can not be used as a VCO may be due to age berbuahnya hybrid coconuts faster and more and form a smaller but has a thickness of the meat is pwmbuatan than the green coconut meat.

The process of making coconut hybrids use the same method with cold green coconut, but at the time of the separation process that consists of oil, blendo and water for uournal hours, coconut hybrids only form 2 layers in the upper layer blendo lightly browned and remove johrnal odors and bottom layer of water in there.

The aims of this research were to determine both formulation of paper soap using coconut oil and VCO based with addition of glycerin, and to determine the quality of the paper soapswhich is a disposable hand soap. Forestry Country of publisher: Buy this article in print.


Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Fakultas Kehutanan. Journal Homepage Journal Title: Earth and Environmental ScienceVolumeconference 1. The resulting calculated oil yield and quality are analyzed. By continuing to use this site pembhatan agree to our use of cookies.

The paper soapswere made from coconut oil and virgin coconut oil VCO with the addition of glycerin as a plasticizer.