A documented record of the Foundations of the Christian Religions. Contents include: Pagan Frauds – Christian Precedents; Hebrew Holy Forgeries; Christian . Joseph Wheless (Montgomery County, Tennessee ) was an American lawyer who According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Works[edit]. Is it God’s Word ; Debunking the Law of Moses ; Forgery in Christianity Forgery in Christianity has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. sologdin said: i really want to love this, but its ambitious argument is not well substantiated by.

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A further admission of the inveteracy of ecclesiastical forgery and fraud may be cited from the Catholic Encyclopedia. For some of them say that the image of God which Adam had previously received was lost when he sinned. One who has the name of a poet and a man of culture has written a book entitled Conversations of Poets and Chritsianity.

Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless

The Logic of Miracles — Part 3: Showing that God Exists. Before you dismiss, please consider making a donation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fields, Williams notes The DNB mentions the work as ‘a curious medley of random judgments and passages cbristianity secondhand learning.

The priests and the priest-taught, he tells, instilled the virus of superstition into their victims when “small and weak,” when they knew not to resist or healthily to react against the contaminating inoculation; “then, afterwards, it was necessary that succeeding generations should preserve the traditions of their ancestors, drinking in this superstition with their mother’s milk.

It is charged against me that I have sometimes praised Origen. Augustine seems to deal with the same “just causes as the Greek Fathers, even though he does not allow of their availableness as depriving untruths, spoken with such objects, of their sinfulness.

He was son of Joseph Wheless Sr. But we must ask whether the quotations are firstly accurate, and then fair. This can be found in the Patrologia Latina 40, cols.

His words seem simplicity itself: According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Christianity’s continued existence is a conspiracy using persecution and oppression to perpetuate its myths, to enslave people.


Unless, of course, Wheless did not know that Augustine was one of the Latin fathers?

Forgery in Christianity

Platina, with whom Paul II quarreled on political grounds, wrote a vindictive slanderous book, “The Lives of the Roman Pontiffs”, which, however, was whfless some degree justified by the project of reformation in “head and members” constantly put forth and never fulfilled until Christendom had been rent in twain. His mother Myra McCall, died when he was young, and his brothers whelrss sisters were by his father’s second wife. Trivia About Forgery in Christ Augustine, Against Lying For the one got possession of the birthright, and the other transferred the wealth of the Egyptians to the host of the Israelites.

For in that forgwry time when we read it we were in your opinion enlightened. Despite the lengths of these files, since I now have a site search engine I thought it worthwhile to put up my version of this book on Internet: At Rome and “incredible Liberty” of discussion prevailed under the spell of the Renaissance.

To such an extent had the “pious frauds of the theologians been thus early systematized and raised to the dignity of a regular doctrine,” that Bishop Eusebius, “in one of the most learned and elaborate works that antiquity has left us, the Thirty- second Chapter of the Twelfth Book of his Evangelical Preparation, bears for its title this scandalous proposition: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In any case, download times tend to be shorter, and modems and servers faster, than they were. Newman, Apologia pro sua vita, Appendix: He was, first of all, a Christian ; the philosophical questions that occupied his mind constantly found themselves more and more relegated to the background” op. Here are found rubies and emeralds, glowing pearls and gems of the first water, such as high born ladies passionately desire. Let the tears of your hearers be your glory.

Original pagination is retained like this: For it is one thing to start a problem and another to expound what is ln proved. As such, they can only be medieval works, probably of the 12th century, and this text plainly belongs to the genre of marvellous stories of frgery places. Bishop Eusebius, as we shall see, was one of the most prolific forgers and liars of his age of the Church, and a great romancer; in his hair-raising histories of the holy Martyrs, he assures us “that on some occasions the bodies of the martyrs who had been devoured by wild beasts, upon the beasts being strangled, were found alive in their stomachs, even after having been fully digested”!


Hege Fossum marked it as to-read Mar 22, Consider how subtle are the arguments, how insidious the engines with which they overthrow what the spirit of the devil has wrought. An postquam homines minus creduli esse coeperunt? Pantherace marked it as to-read Jan 23, Thus travellers must be always armed and on the alert, and they must carry with them a whole year’s provisions. Finally holy Anthony reached the retreat of the blessed Paulus, and was welcomed. I have looked at all of these.

Forgery In Christianity

This page examines the citations from the Introduction to the work, and compares them with their sources. Most were typical scanner errors, e.

Strike straight at your opponent. Also self-taught, Wheless was a successful lawyer and a very outspoken Jesus-was-a-myth writer.

This sort of page is something I would rather not do. Sometimes, you must know, the quicksands of vice suck us down as we sail at ease through the calm water; and the desert of this world is not untenanted by venomous reptiles. Miro R rated it it was ok Jul 23, Chrysostom was one of the Greek Fathers of the Church, concerning whom Dr. Even though much of what Wheless says is true, he sites some things without citation or credible reference.

American Reprint, eight volumes. Note the absence of a citation. There was need for a revision which is not yet complete, ranging over all that has been handed down from the Middle Ages under the style and title of the Fathers, the Councils, the Roman and other official, archives.