Saramago’s Jesus is the son not of God but of Joseph. Mary Magdalene is his lover not his convert. In the wilderness he tussles not with the. Or is our knowledge more a product of myth and legend? José Saramago’s fictional account of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides. A retelling of Jesus Christ’s life not as the holiest man in the universe but as a man, an everyday man, who is reluctant to take on the duties.

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The Devil tempts not Jesus into sinning, but God into renouncing his assigned role as the seat of all evil. He leaves the family and Nazareth and makes his way to Jerusalem, where he visits the Templethence to Bethlehem. The Shepherd instructs Jesus in the ways of hedonismand at one point tries to convince Jesus to use the sheep for sexual release. In order to protest Portugal’s censorship practices, Saramago went into saramgo exile on a Spanish island.

Eventually, he meets God in the desert. He learns about the massacre from his mother, and grows aloof from his family, amongst whom he can no longer live peacefully.

What Makes a Good Writer. Your little comment on Dan Brown just makes me feel better about not reading him, haha. You are flimsy, unreasonable, and unrelenting.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ

It is not a book that tries too hard. Thanks for dropping by!

He orders the Massacre of the Innocents. I also think that I have blasphemed enough. Despite the title, the novel is narrated in third person, but Saramago’s narrator remains concerned with Jesus’ perspective throughout the book. Without giving too much away, let it suffice to say that God reveals his plan for Jesus, and Jesus is not entirely sure that he likes the way history will unfold after he dies on the cross, leading to a religion being founded in his name.


What else is implied by the idea of the Judeo-Christian God? It is perhaps not surprising that The Gospel According to Jesus Christ generated mixed reactions when it was published in God forces Jesus to sacrifice his favorite sheep, and says he has a design for him.

Jesus becomes a prophet of God, continuing to work miracles but also preaching.

One of the greatest things about reading The Gospel According to Jesus Christ is that after taking in the story and understanding the interpretation and alternative theology that Saramago offers, the reader is led to consider matters at a more abstract level. In the novel, that is.

Called O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo in the original Portuguese version that was published inthis book was released in English in the year This event had a profound impact on Saramago’s life.

There are four gospels like any other Catholic knows, but have you not ever wondered back in those early, early days what really went on inside the head of Jesus? What does the existence of other religions mean for any one religion in particular? He is the real, and literal, shepherd who provided Jesus a job, a home, and warnings. List of Literary Techniques.

Jesus Christ is just another man – The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago | BR /

Review of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. He understands what God wants in a manner when one cannot really do anything about it, so he tries as much as he could to sympathize and be a real father to Jesus. May I recommend another Portuguese author? Archived from the original on 31 December A fictional re-telling of Jesus Christ ‘s life, depicting him as a flawed, humanised character with passions and doubts.


The Book of Disquiet, a classic of existentialist literature. You might like it. Book Review – A Little Princess. I am still stuck with Seeing. During that time, he authored a long list of novels that still are not only potent and impactful enough to deeply affect their readers, but are also mostly controversial. We have this notion, at least for people reared into Catholicism, that Jesus is the epitome of a perfect man, but instead, we read about his hopes, his fears, and his vague understanding of what God wants him to do.

Jesus is not believed by his family, and so he leaves them once again, meets Mary Magdalene, and goes to work helping the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. Notify me of new posts via email. After Joseph’s death, the readers follow Jesus throughout the course of his life, and Saramago pays particular attention to the psychological effects that being the son of God might have on a person. Retrieved 17 March Story Ideas for Fiction Writers. It is bereft of pretense. They cannot truly record what Jesus felt because they are not, well, Jesus.