Because of all the attention this post got i wanted to create a new album with smooth looping gifs. Thanks for the support! Smooth album. Limber 11 is an easy to follow flexibility program created by Joe DeFranco. 11 effective stretching and mobility exercises that you can complete. Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 (flexibility routine) Be sure to check out the video here: ?v=FSSDLDhbacc 1.

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Place both hands on the floor behind you for balance. The frog stretch is linber to improve the strength and mobility of that tender area. Bend your elbows and drop down so you’re resting your torso on your forearms. Begin by rolling backward.

Your left elbow will lift up and down from the floor as you do so.

Limber 11: The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

DeFranco’s online hits don’t lie. Deluxe Foam roller the harder the better! Now, spread your legs out about inches wider than your shoulders xefranco turn your toes so they’re pointed outward. For all the incredible, hard-as-nails workouts he’s shared with his army of YouTube and blog followers over the years, trainer Joe DeFranco, founder and owner of world-famous DeFranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas, never expected one of his most popular routines would be a warm-up.

Stand facing away from a flat bench or chair, and elevate your right leg behind you. Lower yourself so your right knee is bent and touching the floor, while your left leg is in a lunge position, foot flat on the floor, and knee at a degree angle.

In a continuous fashion, pull one knee forward toward your chest while the other leg goes backward, as if you’re running in place with your hands always in contact with the floor. It helped tens of thousands of people around the world feel better and even improve lower-back pain.


As the ball presses in, breathe deeply. It tends to get tight, and can become inflamed in anyone who puts a lot of mileage and stress on their legs through running, sports, or lower-body lifting.

Admittedly, this exercise can be rather uncomfortable, but continue rolling for at least 30 seconds up to two minutes, lingering on any particularly painful spots for a long moment.

Rock backward under control, pushing your hips straight back as your forearms stay on the floor. After your main reps, you can shift side to side for additional stretching.

No more confused wriggling or pointless treadmill plodding. Seated piriformis stretch sec.

Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 – Free Download PDF

Adductor foam-roll passes. That’s a shame, because this hip-mobility drill is extremely effective and relatively straightforward. Thus, the Limber 11 was born. Make sure you’re breathing normally throughout.

Contact the floor with your palms and hold the stretch for a count, then repeat the sequence. Your outstretched, trailing leg will go straight with the heel down and toes defraanco up.

Limber The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

I’ve had people tell me they’ve had anywhere from a 75 percent to percent reduction in low-back tightness after doing likber exercise. They originate on the bones of the hip and attach on the femur thigh bone. This exercise applies pressure up and down the joint via the hard jeo, while pausing on particularly painful areas can deliver additional treatment and help break up tight spots and loosen up the tissue.

I’ll also use a PVC pipe that’s the same size as a foam roller, which you can get at any hardware store. A foam roller and a lacrosse ball,” DeFranco says. The 11 exercises are arranged in a calculated sequence that starts off slowly and builds to bigger, more dynamic movements, all defrnaco the name of safety, injury prevention, and gradually getting ready for battle.


As with the IT-band roll, stop at any tender points for a few seconds, flexing and extending the left knee. Bent-knee iron cross per side.

Assume a wide stance with your toes pointed out about 45 degrees, or essentially a sumo-squat position. After you do the back of your glute, straighten the leg out and roll over slightly so you can search for more hotspots along the side of your hip.

Once you’re back as far as you can go, hold for a two count, then release by coming back forward. The gluteus maximus is a key muscle to keep limber because it tends to tighten in athletes, although this “self-myofascial release” SMR exercise is also helpful for those with desk jobs who sit on their glutes all day. If you travel a lot like many of my athletes do, you can also get a half foam roller or cut the PVC pipe down and bring that and the ball with you on the road.

Place your arms straight out to each side, palms turned so they’re on deefranco floor. Your big toe should remain in contact with the floor, as should the inside of your knee.