João Guilherme Biehl is Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University, Biehl has written two books in English: Vita: Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment (University of California Press ) and Will to Live: AIDS. Biehl, Joao (). Vita: Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment. University of California Press. Vita is an experience that grows more meaningful. João Biehl’s Vita brilliantly and originally integrates these seemingly separate domains. Vita ensnares the reader in Brazil’s intricate web of entrenched social.

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Biehl is the co-editor of When People Come First: Vit cites his passion for storytelling as stemming from receiving books for Christmas as a child, a rare commodity for poor families in the favelas. That being said, this is a sensitive piece of work that looks with empathy and grace at the life of a remarkable woman who was abandoned by family, the medical system, and the state.

Vita by João Biehl – Paperback – University of California Press

That being said, this is a sensitive piece of work that looks with empathy and grace at the life of a remarkable woman who was aband One of the most beautiful and devastating ethnographies I’ve ever read. He specializes in medical anthropologyand his interests include social vitx of science and religion, psychological anthropology, globalization and development, global health, ethnographic methods, critical theory, and Brazilian and Latin American societies.

Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment is a study of the increasing prevalence of urban places in appallingly inhumane conditions that house the social outcasts of contemporary Brazil. I know I am super biased because cultural anthropology was what I studied during college, but this is mind-blowing. It makes you question how is it that we cast away our own family simply because they are “different.

More importantly, Biehl facilitates Catarina’s telling of her own story, which, like the stories of all those consigned to social death, need to be heard. Dec 07, Bella Pascal Zionts rated it it was amazing. I was at times uncomfortable with how things went but it demonstrates the messiness of fieldwork and ethics.

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Erica rated it really liked it Mar 18, I also think he does a fantastic job of tracing what forces affected Catarina’s life and how multiple parties influenced and altered the course of life. You should read this. They also elaborate on networks of care that poor urban patients create in their daily struggles to survive. Maybe someone who wants to see God at the bus station just wants to see God at the bus station. One of the most beautiful and devastating ethnographies I’ve ever read.

The book’s penultimate part, “Biology and Ethics,” offers an insightful discussion of Catarina’s illness—Machado-Joseph disease—a hereditary degenerative ataxia that was the cause of her suffering and death, and was threatening her brothers as well. After completing high school he began studying journalism and theology at two different academic institutions, along with Greek and German, church history, philosophy and systematic theology in Porto Alegre.

He is writing the history of a fratricidal war—the Mucker war —that took place among German immigrants in in southern Brazil. Biehl grew up in the favelas outside of the town of Novo Hamburgo in Southern Brazil after migrating from the colonial interior with his parents and sister at the age of 4. Mar 09, Jen rated it it was ok. Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment is a well-researched study with a fine balance between theoretical discussions and thorough fieldwork, offering a complex and original insight into the dynamics of social abandonment in contemporary Brazil.

Without jooa your experience may not be seamless. It is not very reproducible. I didn’t find him. Apr 26, Michael Mena rated it it was amazing. Both Vita and Will to Live explore new geographies of access and marginalization that have emerged alongside pharmaceutical globalization.

The insertion of Catarina’s dictionary in her native language would have further authenticated her self-representation in this study in general and the last section in particular. The introduction announces Beihl’s aspirations to write a book of a “texture [that would] stay as moao as possible to Catarina’s words, to her own thinking-through of her condition” Kristen Ghodsee rated it really liked it Aug 02, Ethnographic Investigations University of California Press.


João Biehl

Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. He is also working on a book titled Anthropology of Becoming, and is joqo on a book project on Oikographiawhich foregrounds the house as a key site of empirical and conceptual analysis.

This page was last edited on 10 Aprilat The contacts with Catarina’s immediate family allow Biehl to conclude that she “had become a leftover in a domestic world, […] the negative value, the unnecessary component of a migrant and urban poor culture” Oct 13, Nutsa rated it it was amazing.

Contact Contact Us Help. Form and Tradition in Spanish Literature, review. This could have been strengthened however with the inclusion of the quotes, [End Page ] interviews and Catarina’s writings in Portuguese.

Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment is divided into six lengthy parts. Absolutely bieho of best ethnographies I’ve ever read. Moreover, Biehl’s criterion for including only certain portions of her dictionary in the last section remains unclear. Aug 09, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

Jan 19, e smith rated it it was amazing. Biehls writing is captivating. Biehl’s thought provoking study not only renders visible the appalling experiences of the marginalized individual s at the asylum, but also behl the impact of social, political and cultural aspects of Brazil that further deepen the desolation of the poor as well as perpetuate the infringement of basic human rights.

Meredith Carrel rated it liked it May 23,