JBL 4530 PDF

Below is the on the left and on the right. Not to scale of course. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers. They’re. Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Our handling time is normally hours and you can expect to receive your parcel within business days from dispatch. MSDS are available for our products.

Speaker Repairers to do. QSR products purchased through our eBay Store, are in accordance with the eBay purchase policy, and as such purchased products can only be returned to their original place of purchase. Getting mixed signals on the still. The scoop may be a little more efficient, I’m not sure of this.

Returns Items are sent as per the customer order. To change the angle of the surround will take 15 seconds and is explained in our instructions.

If you are using subs, this likely wont be an issue, but otherwise, the cab is capable of lower extention. Use a good ruler or tape.


Queensland Speaker Repairs is a long established business operating continuously for nearly 30 years.

Differences in enclosures – Scoop vs. I have used with H and H and found it to be a great unit with either driver. However, you will need to have a very steep filter on the bottom end because the xmax of. To help select a replacement Surround: For home purposes, the H is a stupendous driver with lots of great bass. They’re efficient and have great bass. This is shown in the instructions. The “D” dimension is the lip surface that is glued onto the cone, if there is more than 3mm of gluing surface if will be perfect.

Other Media Files : JBL 4530

I’d be curious to hear what others might think. You must be within 5mm from your required dimension, so it does not affect the performance of the speaker.

This was in a very large auditorium and the “throw” was terrific! In the invent that you order the incorrect item, our commitment to you is. The did shine on two applications: The sound mbl without my ‘s ran out of room is wonderfull. When Greg Lake sang he sounded like a God. Will it also sound great with jazz, piano, classical and other critical listening music?


Link to instructions and instructional video. Recommended For You Data updates only when live in eBay.

Differences in enclosures – Scoop vs. JBL?

Yes, either cabinet jbp be fitted with ‘s. Also, the plans call for a 37″ height, but most C34 owners in the threads I’ve read so far are saying their cabinets are 39″.

The box was notorious for having no throw or impact and a big round soft bottom Low and behold that configuration had all the throw and impact in the jbk If you cut the surround unevenly it can be easily covered by a gasket for a neat finish.

But the plans available here are difficult to read and not overly comprehensive.

I’m handy enough with woodworking that I’ll be building whatever I decide on, assuming I can get some better plans than what I’ve come across so far.