More than a quarter of a century after The Sword of Shannara carved out its place in the pantheon of great epic fantasy, the magic of Terry Brooks’s New York. Jarka Ruus (High Druid of Shannara) [Terry Brooks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first instalment in a magical new SHANNARA. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Expect no end of wonders and suspense, no shortage of adventure and enchantment, as Terry Brooks begins the next.

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Preview — Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks. Sono passati vent’anni dal viaggio della nave volante Jerle Shannara. Sono molti i druidi convinti che il loro destino sia quello di dominare le altre razze. E qualcuno non si limita solo a parlare: Grianne, vittima di un tradimento, scompare senza lasciare traccia. Anche a scendere nelle misteriose terre del Divieto, un mondo dove anticamente gli Elfi esiliarono tutte le creature del male.

Paperbackpages. Published July 26th by Rius Rey first published August 26th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Jarka Ruusplease sign up. Does it have any sexual actions in it? Asher Zeiger While I have not read this book yetI can tell you that none of the various Shannara series that I have jaeka contain anything sexual beyond …more While I have not read this book yetI can tell you that none of the various Shannara series that I have read contain anything sexual beyond kissing.

If sex bothers you more than violence, then his books are appropriate for all ages. However, if violence is an issue, then I would keep them from kids who are too young to handle that less. See all 3 questions about Jarka Ruus…. Lists with This Book. She pulled her cloak closer about her, aware suddenly of how cold she was. Brioks was his presence, the nearness of his evil. Even in death, it was there, in the spray off the lake, in the currents of the air, in the darkness pressing down on her.

Death, come alive in tetry form of his shade, gave power to what he was. The dreams of Allanon and Walker Boh have finally come true, and a new power is rising in the world of the Four Lands for the first time since before the forging of the Sword of Shannara She pulled her cloak closer about her, aware suddenly of how cold she was.

The dreams of Allanon and Walker Boh have finally come true, and a new power is rising in the world of the Four Lands for the first time since before the forging of the Sword of Shannara. Men and women of all races have come to Paranor once more in pursuit of knowledge and magic.

But everything is not as glorious as it seems. In the darkest hallways and the deepest catacombs of the ancient fortress, numerous conspiracies are brewing. Every single member of the order appears to have dark secrets and hidden ambitions, and some of the most powerful sorcerers among them are already starting to act.

The only thing they all have in common is a strong hatred for Grianne. While the Druid order is thrown into complete disarray, its members bickering over positions and politics, it falls to Penderrin Ohmsford, youngest scion of Shannara, to find and attempt to rescue its lost leader. While Pen goes on his quest, Grianne awakens in the world to which she has been sent by those tho wished ajrka out of the way. When she starts exploring and encounters dragons, ogres and furies, she realises where she is.

Jarka Ruus (High Druid of Shannara, book 1) by Terry Brooks

She has been sent to the world of the Jarka Ruus, the banished peoples. The world inside the Forbidding. This book restored my belief in Terry Brooks after the previous trilogy left me a bit disappointed a bit tired, even.


The old greatness of the world of Shannara karka mixed with a darker setting in which intrigue and treachery play important parts.

The combination results in a brilliant and complex story. The tale is mostly told from three perspectives. One is Pen Ohmsford. He’s the generic Ohmsford hero and in most ways appears to be a reincarnation of Shea, Wil, Par and Bek. His storyline is still good, but it’s the other two that made this brookz enjoyable: Grianne Ohmsford and her desperate journeys through the lands of the Forbidding, and the treacherous Druids who sent her there, struggling to control Paranor while they themselves also are being manipulated by forces unknown.

Jarka Ruus kicks off the High Druid of Shannara trilogy jarkq a bang. It is basically the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara without almost all the downsides, and I would say it’s the best Shannara book since the Wishsong.

Also, it includes perhaps the best scene in the entire series which I quoted from in the top of the reviewwhen view spoiler [Grianne Ohmsford walks down to the alternative Hadeshorn that lies inside the Forbidding, and tries to summon the spirits of Walker and Allanon to ask their advice, but accidentally summons the spirit of someone else instead View all 4 comments.

It is the first book in a trilogy, and it teeters on a fine line.

Jarka Ruus – Wikipedia

Hopefully it will go up from here, and not the other way round. The earlier books are tdrry better. Jarkaa poco honesti a Paranor Improbabili intrighi di palazzo nell’irreprensibile Paranor, sede di bricconcelli che possono essere inquadrati nei moventi dal vestiario che indossano anche le occhiatacce da antagonista di serie B che scoccano al momento giusto possono essere buoni indizi nell’investigazione.

Inutile commentare gli sviluppi finali: Nov 18, Bruce rated it really liked it. Brooks is a ruuus fantasy storyteller. Notice I said storyteller, not writer. So why did I give this four stars? Because I couldn’t give ruuss three and a jsrka. He’s got a vivid imagination and a great knack for a compelling yarn.

Still, I don’t Brooks is a great fantasy storyteller. Still, I don’t think many non-fantasy readers would enjoy his books the way any reader could enjoy Tolkien. I listened to this book on CD in the car, and despite its length, I rarely got bored May 17, Ronda Tutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Terry Brooks does an Excelent job with the creation of this story.

I really enjoyed reading this through out the night. I highly recommend reading this immediately after “The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara” because the story picks back up some of the characters used within the story. The time line also is only 20 years past instead of a thousand or so and I was very happy about that.

The book gives a refresher of the characters used in “The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara” and a reminder of what happe Terry Brooks does an Excelent job with the creation of this story. The book gives a refresher of the characters used in “The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara” and a reminder of what happened: Grianne Ohmsford, once the Ilse Witch who was saved by her brother with the use of the Sword of Shannara in killing her evil mentor, the Morgawr.

She was tasked by Walker the Druid before he died to rebuild the Druid’s Order by summoning members of all the Races to create a Third Druid Council and form a new order, one in which ditates of a single Druid would no longer be all that stood between civilization and anarchy, between reason and madness.

Even though it has now been 20 years since Grianne formed the Druid’s order, there were many among the new Druids who still did not trust her because of her past being the Ilse Witch and all the evil she was a part of. These few wanted her dead and look for ways to kill her or out of the picture from being Ard Rhys the leader of the Druids.

Jarka Ruus

Sen Dunsidan, now the Prime Minister thanks to the Ilse Witch mentor Morgawr does not trust her due to the past dealings and he teams up with the few within the Druid’s order to get rid of her.

Sen Dunsidan does find a way and gets his spy and ally Shadea A’Ru to use a potion called Liquid Night to imprision Grianne in the forbidding – the place where all evil is held and held in prision by the Elcrys. With the help jzrka Tagwen, Grianne’s faithful assistant who is extremely worried about her and knows what the evil Druid’s have done to take over the leadership, goes in search of Grianne’s brother Bek Ohmsford for help in finding her.


Unfortunately, when Tagwen gets to Bek Ohmsford’s place, he is not available for Bek and his wife have taken some customers on a hunting trip and there is no way to find them. The only one who can rkus is Penderrin, Bek’s son who happens to know how to fly a air ship. Tagwen and Penderrin meet The King of broks Silver River which further convinces Penderrin to go on the journey to save his aunt and tells him where she is and how to bring her back. The King of the Silver River tells Pen that a talisman is needed to negate its magic and this talisman is a Dark Wand which is a juring stick that must be brookd by hand from the rruus of a tree called Tanequil.

The Tanequil is sentient, it is a living, breathing creature that will only give up a limb only if it is persuaded of the need for doing so and must act freely because if it is taken by force, the magic that it bears will be destroyed. The only one that communicate with the Tanequil is Bropks since he has a gift of magic power of being able to talk and communicate with plants and animals. This magic was passed on to him through the Ohmsford from the use of the wish song.

Iarka place to tsrry the Tanequil is vrooks a forest on an island deep herry the Charnal Mountains, so the journey begins and the first place they go to seek aid in this journey is to retrieve Ahren Elessdil, the elf who brought back the Elf Stones to his people who had sailed on the Jerle Shannara. Not only do they recrute Ahren but Ahren’s niece Khyber who wants to be a Druid and have a different life from her families.

Mean while, Grianne discovers she is no longer in her room when she awakes and discovers that she is in the land of Jarka Ruus – the forbidding, the place that the Ellcrys have shut all the evil ferry for thousands of years, the place teryr of faery, dragons, and different species of evil. Pen’s journey begins with the escape from the evil Druids that are after him. He even finds time to fall in love with a girl named Cinnaminson, who happens to be blind but has the sight to see within her mind.

The story is great and full of action and magic, Grianne wonders through out the forbidding and is finally captured by creatures at the end of the book. The story continues in the next book called Tanequil High Druid of Shannara Jul 29, Kristen rated it it was ok.

I had forgotten why I normally stay away from this genre when I picked this up, because a it sounded really interesting, and b it didn’t have “Book 1” attached to the title, which is normally a rius give-away that the book will end in a cliff-hanger and leave you wondering what happens next. The story of Grianne, the High Druid of Paranor and the politically motivate treachery that uses dark magic to send her into a dark no-man’s land so her position can be stolen is good – as far as it goes.

Grianne’s young nephew Pen turns out to be the only one with the power to find, and rescue Grianne, and the motley band of companions who accompany Pen on the journey, and their own adventures along the way are exciting and engrossing. You’re left with the cliff-hanger, and don’t know what happens to any of the characters, so presumably there’s a next book in which the story is continued.

However, I don’t like books that don’t actually have an ending.