The writer Jacqueline Susann signs copies of her blockbuster camp Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls is still my favourite bonkbuster. Valley of the Dolls 50th Anniversary Edition [Jacqueline Susann] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 50th Anniversary Edition of. Valley of the Dolls [Jacqueline Susann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vintage paperback.

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Only literary critics like sad, bad sex. The denouement involved abduction by aliens. So, it was interesting to read a book that so many people seem to like and that seemed to have been an inspiration source for other female writers. I’ll kill her, that little bitch! Anne jacsueline a frigid New Englander, Neely is talented and needy, Jennifer is beautiful and… untalented.

Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann 1 15 May 10, As the blurb on Valley of the Dolls proudly stated: Her first marriage to the doting Mel fails because balley her vanity and infidelity. Susann’s characters are totally believable and recognizable. I am the same age as this book. Hollywood was and still see Enter endless debauchery!

Telegraph Culture Books Authors. The New York Times, August 12, Read this back in the 70’s.


She wanted him to put a ring on it. All the characters in this book are incredibly stupid. I got bored A LOT and did vallry to force myself to keep reading to end it quickly because if I didn’t I would have suffered for weeks with this book rather than just one weekend.

Valley of the Dolls

But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. Anne must really hate herself to stay in a relationship with that 2 year old instead of divorcing his ass. I felt myself giggling at the book.

She seems like she’s giving her women the power to fly, but she instead clips their wings by making them deeply flawed and superficial. Not for the literary stand -point of the novel because we all know there isn’t any in this book. Look every character in this is a shitty human being. Ze krijgt een rol in een jacquelinf met de legendarische actrice Helen Lawson.

Valley of the Dolls: from reject to million best-seller

The story could easily have fallen into melodrama but Susann is careful to make the reader feel very much like they are looking in, you cant sympathise with Anne, Jennifer or Neely, you can only examine them and feel sorry for them – they are all naive and deeply flawed. And all the while, you have men standing on if sidelines, gaslighting you: Hollywood is run by men. The characters are kind of cliched yet Susann makes them compelling, everyday and alien all at the same time; and the drama of t This is a welcome Virago reissue of a 60s classic with a witty and irreverent introduction by Julie Burchill.


Brunettes are smart and nurturing, and only women with glossy blue-black hair are sexy and passionate Susann’s hair was black.

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dolsl It does talk about sex but it isn’t a r18 story. Is this book readable? While Anne is given the mission of finding Lyon an apartment, she’s courted by an insurance salesman she meets at the office named Allen Cooper.

Lyon Burke is basically a cardboard cutout, yet apparently everyone’s in love with him. For Adblock Plus on Firefox: What an amazing book – I couldn’t put it down. Jackie Susann Picks Up the Marbles. Vallsy had her revenge later, creating a character based on him called Tom Colt, a drunken and pugnacious writer with a child-size penis.