ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9. ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 & ITR-8 transmitted electronically without digital signature. ITR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Form for by Vishal Vijay Gupta and Co. ITR V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY 12 IN EXCEL FORMAT please tell me what is procedure for formation of “provident fund TRUST”.

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Now I want to 12-31 my anther 6 month IT Return. Then I contacted my previous company for doing needful action. I am yet to post my original return. Suraj-Let them first revise AY and then beter to e-verify the and again revise. But, ITR-V pdf attached in that email has some fields blank on it.

Avinash-Substantial cost but cheap? I had filed the returns twice original and revised within the due date. If I cannot cancel my revise return then can I skip the e-verification within days so that revised return will become invalid?

But found that my name, surname and middlename is not in proper order.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

If you are unable to identify, then take the help of any tax expert 121-3 your area. Is it necessary to also verify original ITR.?

I am working for a government organization and tax was deducted and remitted in time. I want to file ITR for april to acknowledgenent My second Question is can we change the address while 21-13 ITR?? Problem is that the files ITR-1 and not mentioned income from profession.

I have paid the due amount using challan post filing the ITR form. I had already visited the Aayakar Bhavan in Hyderabad and submitted my cross check also.


Same in my case. Acknoeledgement with IT Dept or raise the issue in our forum where it can be answered properly as acknowledgeemnt question is not related to this post. Date of completion of the house was and so pre-construction period is To fix this error, just modify the TDS sheet column 4 and change the amount to what is there in the Income chargeable under the head salaries in Form 16 pt 6.

Ankit-For any financial year assessment year will be next of that. If you are unable to do that then take help of any tax expert. I had filed the income tax in July but forgot to send itv There is no mistake in filing can I send the signed itv now will b accepted. What to do now? However, I missed to include short term capital gain.

I filed IT return Online, I received Indian Income Tax Return Verification form which I have to send through post within days, But While filing the return by Over site I added 80C value amount more because of that in verification form the refund amount is calculated more but that is not correct Suggest me what can I do? Plz tell me what should I do now? In Form provided by my company shows the gross salary same as Rs.

Hi I filed my return under wrong assessment year through a website called H and R block. Wait for a day or two and then try again. I have filed the ITR 2. ButI was employed by two employer in FYhence i had two form Is rectification request the same thing. I paid it now through chalan. Venkatesh-Form 16 is the income details generated by your employer.



Should i fill another ITR form or request for a change and how. I am trying to submit the ITR-2A and it is not allowing. Now, What to do? Hi Actually in last year means Jan to June i didnot get salary because where i am working that org. Just so I understanding your advice: For FY AY should be I got confirmation email from Income Tax Department that my e-filling of Income Tax Return has been successfully submitted. Hi, I am filing the revised return now for the 2nd time but this is before the due date itself.

Because usually you will be tracked through PAN card. Actually no need to pay any tax as per form After that, will you argue in the same way like you already paid taxes and now why you have to pay taxes on your home? Know i want revise the my return as per calculation of revise return i have refund, it is possible i get this? I filed the return for AY on time and there is some refund amount.

Shall I file it again for same My question is, which form do I need to use now because from January onwards my income is from foreign company on which no deduction has been made and under which head this income will be shown. Now ideally in my case I filed return in a wrong way as I already paid all Tac. I had file ITR return on