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Some of the books mentioned in the bibiliography provide sigils and pentacles on which are inscribed complex symbols and names whose Graeco-Hebrew and Latin origins are almost impossible to trace.

Prithivia yellow square. The magical position is that, under these circumstances, the talisman itself is nothing but dead and inert material. Having collected them, think of some phrase, scriptural or otherwise, which correctly summates the idea involved – stability.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This table, found also in the appendix, provides most of the basic information relative to the elemental hierarchies that is needed in order to draw, paint, or otherwise create any talisman in terms of the five elements, as already described.

Feb 19, Faye Dewell rated it really liked it Shelves: This immediately provides an artistic schema for the creation of talismans. For the purpose of this manual, the word talisman will be the preferred term.

Books by Israel Regardie. Appropriate inscriptions, writings, and sigils could be written on it in green ink or paint.

How to Make & Use Talismans by Israel Regardie

Or, in the case of the silver half-circle or crescent of Apas, the circular talisman could still be made, and then draw the crescent on it with such other symbols as he deems appropriate. Business, money, employment, practical affairs, etc. The great letter Heh of the Supernal Mother is traced in the spray of the fountain, symbolizing fertility, productiveness, beauty, pleasure, happiness, etc. To each planet belongs, first, the number of the Sephirah to which it corresponds; and secondarily, the other numbers, which are the sum of the various horizontal and vertical rows on the square.


Krystalynne rated it it was amazing Jul 07, For the centre of the fourth side, my decision is to make a large sigil of the elemental King whose name is Taliahad.

It would be infinitely useful if the student of this manual were familiar with an earlier work of mine based on some elementary Golden Dawn formulae. Symbols of a wide regardis from almost every conceivable source are employed to provide character and to give specificity to the dynamic purpose for which the regarvie has been constructed.

Though it is not absolutely essential, I propose to use one last set of symbols – the geomantic symbols and the emblems derived from them.

Water being the element required to remedy the character defect, I select a large piece of heavy silver paper on which to paint names and symbols in peach water-colours or poster paints. It is first necessary to reduce those isael and their numbers to tens or units by means of the above.

Since the structure would provide light, the talismanic ruler could well be the source of light and life to the earch, the Sun. The planet Mercury is represented by the numbers 8, 64,and The Square of Jupiter, the planet attributed to the fourth Sephirah of Chesed, has sides of four divisions, or 4×4, resulting in 16 individual units, each line adding up to 34, of which the grand total is Of course, as a reference you’ll want to revisit it a time or two or have some similar material nearby when constructing your talisman s.

The only letter which requires reduction in this instance will be Lamed which reduces to 3. It was not considered worth-while making a talisman unless it incorporated scriptural authorization of one kind or another. Let this be done several times, as if you breathed upon the Tablet pronouncing them in the vibratory manner. Their divinatory meanings as given in the section on Tarot provide us with the major materials we need.

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How to Make & Use Talismans

Fet us assume that in the critical analysis of my character- structure, Regarfie find that I am on the whole sombre, serious and reserved, and that I have not but little capacity for pleasure. If however the student is just beginning his studies in this area, not much of a magical charge will be contributed to the talisman while making it.

I would like to regwrdie that the interested student study this system at the very least, so that he will come to understand the classical basis of the method. The principles involved are still valid. And from it several little emblematic designs may be drawn with ease.

There was somewhat less chance of miscopying in Latin: If thou dost not intend to use for a good purpose the secrets which I here teach thee, I command thee rather to cast this Testament into the fire, than to abuse the power though wilt have of constraining the Spirits, for I warn thee that the beneficent Angels, wearied and fatigued by thine illicit demands, would to they sorrow execute the commands of God, as well as to that of all regsrdie who, with irsael intent, would abuse those secrets which He hath given and revealed unto me.

Full text of “Israel Regardie – How to Make and Use Talismans”

McGregor Mathers, ed by Aleister Crowley. Populus is drawn thus: Caph Aleph Resh Resh 20 1 The spelling of this name can then be applied to each planetary kamea, from which we would obtain a different sigil in varying planetary media.

It still strikes me as a good design. Bokeshi rated it it was ok May 14, Which frequency or kamea one may decide to use depends entirely on what function one wishes to stress.