ISO 16750-4 PDF

ISO Road vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 4: Climatic loads. ISO applies to electrical and electronic systems/components for road vehicles. ISO describes the potential environmental stresses . INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO Third edition Road vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and.

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Figure 3 illustrates the temperature cycle with hot-soak phase, using code F as specified in Table 1.

Key t a b c d e time, in h Operating mode 3. If the DUT is splashed in the vehicle from only one direction, splash it from this direction only while it is in an as-installed position.

International Organization for Standardization. Every care has been taken to ensure that the file is suitable for 167550-4 by ISO member bodies. Visual examination as detailed below shall allow identification, appearance, workmanship and finish of the item to be checked against the relevant specification.

ISO copyright office Case postale 56?

Requirement For systems which are powered while the engine is shut off, functional status shall be class A, as defined in ISOfor the entire test duration.

Functional status class Isl is required in phases with electrical operation mode 3. If the DUTs to be splashed prove too big for one jet, arrange several jets in a row to produce a line of splash impact on the DUT.


Develop, test and integrate batteries according to the standards

ISO — All rights reserved. There are two possible methods for performing the test see 5. See Annex A for the recommended degree of protection IP-code. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition ISO Spray the DUT for 8 h, then stop spraying for a rest period of 16 h. The main task of technical committees is to prepare International Standards. The recommended cycle time is 20 min.

Conekt | Splash Water Testing (ISO )

The test duration is, respectively: The operating mode of the DUT is 1. Figure 7 — Test cycle for the salt spray test 5. A permanent operation starting at Tmin would prevent this due to the electrical power dissipation. ISORoad vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance regarding environmental conditions commonly encountered by electrical and electronic systems installed in automobiles. This happens when driving on wet roads during the winter.

The acceleration is possible due to a much higher temperature change rate and a bigger temperature change in one cycle in comparison with real vehicle stress. If the equipment is splashed from various directions in the vehicle, then these directions shall be taken into iwo. Damp heat, steady state?


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tests — Test A: Tests — Test L: ISO shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. Carry out a visual examination with the naked eye, at normal strength of vision, with normal colour perception, iiso the most favourable distance and with suitable illumination.

End of temperature rise. Dust and sand 20? Use operating mode 1. ISO standards Automotive engineering. Perform a functional test operating mode 3. Figure 8 — Dewing test cycle 14?

Because this test creates mechanical defects crackselectrical operation is not required. Perform functional tests operating mode 3.

In the vehicle environment, some equipment might experience different conditions regarding temperatures, temperature gradients and duration: Road vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 3: Wait at each step until the DUT has reached the new temperature. The minimum functional status shall be class C, as defined in ISO The operating mode of the DUT is 3.

Tests — Test Kb: See Table 4 for the number of cycles. NOTE This is not a corrosion test.