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Drive EN1 below 0.

ISL Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The reference remains active to provide an accurate threshold and to provide overvoltage protection. Therefore, dztasheet exact current-limit characteristic and maximum load capability are a function of the current-limit threshold, inductor value and datashedt and output voltage. There must be low resistance, low inductance paths from the gate drivers to the MOSFET gates for the adaptive dead-time circuit to work properly.

DC output accuracy specifications refer to the trip level of the error comparator. These factors include the internal gate resistance, gate charge, threshold voltage, source datasgeet, and Fatasheet board layout characteristics.

This produces very long off times, where leakage can bleed down the BOOT capacitor voltage. A constant ON-time PWM control scheme operates without sense resistors and provides ns response to load transients while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency. Connect PGND externally to the underside of the exposed pad.

Ignoring the sag due to finite capacitance: Limits established by characterization and are not production tested. For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www. It also serves as the SMPS2 feedback input in fixed-voltage mode. The output of SMPS1 can also be adjusted from 0.

ISL6236 Datasheet

Switching losses in the high-side MOSFET can become an insidious heat problem when maximum battery voltage is applied, due to the squared term in the CV2f switching-loss equation. This ultrasonic pulse-skipping mode eliminates audio-frequency modulation that would otherwise be present when a lightly loaded controller automatically skips pulses.


The ESR of the input-capacitor is important for determining capacitor power dissipation.

A power-on sequence block controls the power-up timing of the main PWMs and monitors the outputs for undervoltage faults. Each fast, low-jitter, adjustable one-shot includes circuitry that varies the 20 For loads above the critical conduction point, the actual switching frequency is: If possible, make all these connections on the top layer with wide, copper-filled areas.

In non-CPU applications, the output capacitor’s size depends on how much ESR is needed to maintain an acceptable level of output voltage ripple: The high-side switch ON-time is determined by a one-shot whose period is inversely proportional to input voltage and directly proportional to output voltage.

ISL overview, product comparison and replacement search

Trade-offs in PFM noise vs light-load efficiency are made by varying the inductor value. Driving EN below 0. Ensure the gate is not pulled up by the high-side switch turning on due to parasitic drain-to-gate capacitance, causing cross-conduction problems.

Switching losses are not an issue for the synchronous rectifier in the buck topology since it is a zero-voltage switched device when using the buck topology. The ISL controller has a built-in 5? The unique ultrasonic pulse-skipping mode maintains the switching frequency above 25kHz, which eliminates noise in audio applications. The high-side switch ON-time is inversely proportional to the battery voltage as measured by the VIN input and proportional to the output voltage.

Low inductor values allow the inductor current to slew faster, replenishing charge removed from the output filter capacitors by a sudden load step. Isolate the power components on the top side from the sensitive analog components on the bottom side with a ground shield.

There is no switchover in adjustable mode. Special care should be taken to ensure enough normal voltage ripple on each cycle as to prevent CP shut-down. Connect BYP to 3.


CP output voltage is: Switching frequency increases as a function of load current due to the increasing drop across the synchronous rectifier, which causes a faster inductor-current discharge ramp. Both supplies begin their power-down sequence immediately when the first supply turns off. For more information on. An ultrasonic pulse occurs when the controller detects that no switching has occurred within the last 20?

Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. Intersil Pb-free products are MSL classified. In applications where the output iisl6236 subject to large load transients, the output capacitor’s size depends on how much ESR is needed to prevent the output from dipping too dataseet under a load transient. These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper Daatasheet Handling Procedures.

The current limit varies with the ON-resistance of the synchronous rectifier. LDO can provide a total of mA external loads.

Intersil Electronic Components Datasheet. The ISL is designed primarily for battery-powered applications where high efficiency and low-quiescent supply current are critical. The input supply range is 5. Inductor values lower than this grant no further size-reduction benefit. Supply Controllers for Notebook.

Generally, low inductor values produce a broader efficiency vs load curve, while higher values result in higher FN Bypass LDO output with a minimum of 4. Other features include pulse skipping, which maximizes efficiency in light-load applications, and fixed-frequency PWM mode, which reduces RF interference in sensitive applications.

The amount of overshoot due to stored inductor energy can be calculated as: The synchronous-switch gate drivers are directly powered from PVCC, while the high-side switch gate drivers isl62236 indirectly powered from PVCC through an external capacitor and an internal Schottky diode boost circuit.

The unique ultrasonic pulse-skipping mode.