Also, you may have existing Web Broker and WebSnap applications that you want to extend but not rewrite. You can still take advantage of IntraWeb’s design. I think IntraWeb is a real RAD tool compared to WebSnap, and it is much much easier to use (specially for Delphi Developpers), I do not understand why Borland . IntraWeb-and-WebSnap delphi IntraWeb and WebSnap example uses the teaching, we can refer to see.

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If the TIWText websnsp is not made visible, not messages are displayed and all is well. For this form we have created only one event. Ok let’s move on.

I agree with the last post, this jntraweb crap. Notice it looks just like the form? The code merely loads the text and identifying numbers into the combo boxes. This instructs the form to automatically parse the HTTP variables and set the component states accordingly.

It should look like this: If you wish to control this process manually, you would leave AutoProcess to false. Development Modes IntraWeb supports two modes of development, application mode and page mode.

You then have a feature that can compete against. How do I verify what version of Intraweb I have installed? Set PostToSelf to true. The dialog is shown here: At this time I usually use a WebApplication. It will then collect your vote and tabulate it with inhraweb voters. You will notice that the page is returned and appears like this: Description of Demo The demo is a simple demo that takes a survey of two questions that are of vital importance to the programming community.


We have now covered the important parts of the demo itself. Chad’s background includes work in the employment, security, chemical, energy, trading, telecommunications, wireless, and insurance industries. Now we could spend a lot of time explaining the above code.

It is assumed that you are familiar itraweb WebSnap and thus we will just show the IntraWeb specific parts in creating this demo. The event needs to look like this:. Next we created a new WebSnap page module.

IntraWeb and WebSnap_百度文库

That was done in Delphi code merely by setting the lines property of the TWIText component and setting its visible property to true. We have put some drawing code in the OnRender event. The code checks to see if the user has selected information, and also makes sure that intraweeb do not select the same movie for both choices.

Survey in the browser.

Developer Tools

Next we will create another Page Webznap and Page Form. Here is the code for the OnRender:. Save the form as Page1Form. Set AutoProcess to true. It demonstrates the following:.


We have added one TIWImage and loaded a bitmap inraweb it. Response, intrawebbI get a “Cannot find submit component” from Intraweb. It’s all pure Delphi code again. Just my two cents. Canvas do begin Brush. Next we created a new WebSnap page module.

Enter test for the user name and test for the password and click Login. There are a few properties on the form itself that we must set as well. We did not even have to write any HTML!

The code merely takes the tabulated results and creates a simplistic chart. We just created the form like any other Delphi form. It then sets ProduceResponse to False. Application mode is for creating web applications. We have designed it to be simple as possible so as to make it easy to follow. So we’ll just explain a few lines of interest.

Conclusion This article demonstrates just some of the very basic features of IntraWeb while also showing how to integrate with WebSnap.