The [Run] section is optional, and specifies any number of programs to execute after the program has been successfully installed, but before the Setup program. The latter can happen if CloseApplications is set to yes or force. Installing Shown during the actual installation process. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. Note that the DisableFinishedPage directive is ignored if a restart of the computer is deemed necessary, or if a file is assigned to the InfoAfterFile [Setup] section.

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This must be exactly the same name as you see when you double-click the font file in Explorer.

Setup Command Line Parameters

Any error message box displayed before Setup or Uninstall could read the command line parameters. Only install the file if a file of the same name already exists on the user’s system. This parameter must be combined with the external flag and specifies the size of the external file in bytes. Email Required, but never shown.

Specify this flag if the entry is installing a non-TrueType font with the FontInstall parameter. Don’t copy the file to the user’s system during the normal file copying stage but do statically compile the file into the installation.

Post as a guest Name. The initial current directory for the program. However, if the [Setup] section directive AlwaysRestart is yesor if there are files with the restartreplace flag, all files get registered on the next reboot by creating an entry in Windows’ RunOnce registry key.

Not recommended; see below Instructs Setup to proceed to comparing time stamps if the file being installed already exists on the user’s system, and at least one of the following conditions is true:.

This flag can be useful when uninstalling things like shell extensions which cannot be programmatically stopped.

Prevents the user from cancelling during the installation process, by disabling the Cancel button and ignoring clicks on the close button. Beginning with Inno Setup 5. When an existing file needs to be replaced, and it is in use locked by another running process, Setup will by default display an error message.


Infafterfile flag can only be used when Setup is running on bit Windows, otherwise an error will occur.

When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed. Information Shown if InfoBeforeFile is set. Unicode Inno Setup can only create Unicode installers and unnosetup wise the non Unicode version can only create non Unicode installers. Added new ‘Int64’ type, supported by IntToStr.

[Setup]: InfoAfterFile

Prevents the file from being stored encrypted. Use this flag on files you wish to modify while already compiled into Setup. Specifies that the file is shared among multiple applications, and should only be removed at uninstall time if no other applications are using it. For this parameter to have an effect the file must be located on a partition that supports ACLs such as NTFSand the current user must be able to change the permissions on the file.

Existing installations of your programs done by non Unicode installers can be freely updated by Unicode installers, and vice versa. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

By default, when a file being installed has an older version number or older time stamp, when the comparetimestamp flag is used than an existing file, Setup will not replace the existing file.

Therefore, when using this flag, it is recommended that you leave the PrivilegesRequired [Setup] section directive at the default setting of admin.

Don’t forget to use quotes if the filename contains spaces. If the compiler detects a entry with an isreadme flag, it strips the isreadme flag from the [Files] entry and inserts a generated [Run] entry at the head of the list of [Run] entries.

Note, however, that this is not an Inno Setup-specific limitation; Windows Installer-based installers cannot return to the original user credentials either in such cases. The following example shows how to load a file specified by the command line parameter -iaf only if that parameter is present and the file exists: Prevents the compiler from attempting to compress the file.


The file will be opened with the application associated with the file type on the user’s system, the same way it would be if the user double-clicked the file in Explorer.

Unicode Pascal Scripting notes: If you want to be able to create both Unicode and non Unicode installers on one computer, you have to install both versions of Inno Setup into different folders. Select Tasks Shown if there are any [Tasks] entries, unless the [Tasks] entries are all tied to components that were not selected on the Select Components page. The About Setup message box. If the count reaches zero, the file is deleted with the user’s confirmation, unless the uninsnosharedfileprompt flag is also specified.

Only the specified components will be selected; the rest will be deselected. Each time the file is installed, the reference count for the file is incremented. Specifies a list of patterns to exclude, separated by commas. This is the default behavior in a bit mode install.

Instructs Setup to skip this entry if Setup is running very silent. The following is a list of the supported parameters: This flag can be useful when installing very common shared files that shouldn’t be deleted under any circumstances, such as MFC DLLs. On the other hand, “foo” will exclude any file named “foo” anywhere in the tree.

Below is a list of all the wizard pages Setup may potentially display, and the conditions under which they are displayed. The previous default was CopyMode: The uninstaller will decrement the reference count the same number of times, however, so no references are leaked provided the UninstallLogMode [Setup] section directive isn’t changed inbosetup its default setting of append.

In the event these conditions are not met, no error message will be displayed, and the permissions will not be set.