Buy Infocus ScreenPlay Like New: Video Projectors – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. InFocus’s Screenplay home theater projector, is almost certainly the most widely owned entry level home theater projector out there. First thing to note, is that the Screenplay comes out of the box with This is a side by side of the InFocus Screenplay projector – on.

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You can read more about the testing method in my past projector reviews on Secrets, infoocus at http: Using an empty wall and a white sheet, until we get a screen, we can view a dvd or anything on cable TV as if we had a very large TV. The other thing we can measure is Gamma Tracking, or how the light output of the projector responds to the input signal.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP DLP Projector | eBay

Perhaps it was the combination of excellent contrast ratio, image brightness, gamma tracking, and good D65 grayscale that made the image look so good.

I checked the performance of the deinterlacer with the montage on the Video Essentials VE disc using the interlaced component output from my Denon DVD player. The problem is that they need Maintenance which most people don’t do.

Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. You may also like.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP4805 DLP Projector

Specifications of interest for the include a contrast ratio of I watched the for several weeks and never once felt the need to revert to my reference projector, or one of the other projectors to which I have access. The picture is crisp and beautiful. Focus and zoom are adjustable via rotating rings on the lens itself.

The controls that cycle between the three user presets or memories are welcome, but here is a case where I would like to see discrete buttons rather than a toggle.

Skip to main content. This item doesn’t belong on this page. I have owned one of these since what or 06 and the quality for the money couldn’t be beat. Since the allowed the Color Temperature to be set directly to K, that is where I started. The ‘s throw ratio of 1. Color and color saturation on the were good, but as with many DLP-based projectors, some of the colors, especially green, seemed less saturated than with my reference projector. The is capable of displaying all the resolution present on a DVD, but higher resolution projectors do produce a smoother looking image.


See all 5 pre-owned listings. Using the component inputs to the U, the Black Bars test on Avia indicated the proper brightness level to be 50, and the moving white bars indicated an optimum contrast setting of Show More Show Less. Things would have been even better on a somewhat smaller screen, which is what I would recommend. Show less Show more. The fan went out Results Following User Mode Tweaking. When I have people over they are amazed at the size and color of the picture that bounces off a light grey wall.

I started with Film and since it produced excellent gamma tracking, I didn’t explore further. HD looked good as well, much better than standard definition TV, but again the image was not as smooth or detailed as with projectors of higher resolution.

While the resolution of the is limited, it does just about everything else right. This was a projector I really enjoyed watching for the few weeks I had access to it. But I could see a slight red tinge with an IRE 10 window. Because it is native widescreen and has Faroudja processing chips it can reproduce DVDs far better than projectors designed to handle primarily business presentations.

I watch movies, internet, play PS3. The user menu system on the is logically arranged with the items needed for initial setup tweaking falling in the Picture Menu, where besides the common contrast and brightness, one can also set the Aspect Ratio and Gamma via sub menus.

InFocus has obviously used their experience to produce a line of excellent 16×9 DLP-based projectors that directly target the HT market. Although it is handy to have contrast and brightness on the remote as discrete buttons, I do feel that once set to the proper value during the initial calibration procedure for a given sourcethese settings should not need further adjustment. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.


InFocus pride themselves on having their HT projectors properly set up for D65, and seeing is believing.

Inputs and Connectivity The has what today is typical for lower cost projectors, just enough of the right kind of inputs to do the job.

This corresponds to lumens light output from the projector in the Low mode. Sure, I could see SDE in brighter scenes, or white lettering, pretty easily actually, infocuw that really didn’t keep me from getting involved in the image the way I thought it might.

InFocus Projectors: InFocus SP DLP projector

Some readers may notice that the data points in the Gamma Tracking graph and others do not line up with the nominal IRE values on the X axis. I am not desirous of upgrading. In the High mode, the light output was 405 Thus, infocua is the percent stimulus that needs to be taken into consideration when plotting gamma tracking rather than the nominal IRE levels.

Game enthusiasts love using the InFocus ScreenPlay with their video game systems because the it projects super-sized characters that make the experience come to life in a way not possible with a television or other smaller display devices.

I am fortunate in that I am not particularly susceptible to the rainbow effect, an artifact that some see with DLP-based projectors. I’ve wanted 48805 for four years and finally was able to get one.

With minimal setup or adjustments, the produced a very accurate image with excellent grayscale and gamma tracking. Please explain the problem you are having. This should not be an issue as long as you can place the projector at a suitable height relative to the screen. I have had two projector’s. The has what today is typical for lower cost projectors, just enough of the right kind of inputs to do the job.