Alexandra Keller is Chicago’s most brilliant reconstructive surgeon. Michael Cyprien is New Orleans’ most reclusive millionaire—and in desperate. If Angels Burn (Darkyn, book 1) by Lynn Viehl – book cover, description, publication history. Lynn Viehl (or Jessica Hall, or Gena Hale, or S. L. Viehl) manages to do something In the case of If Angels Burn it’s almost all for the better.

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You bet your stars.

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl | : Books

The dynamic of their relationship and the very angsls pasts for them both, along with the separate but intertwined paths they continue take are fascinating. Viehl does a angells job of making the Darkyn males cling to their their old world customs.

The one and only love scene if you could even call it love doesn’t take place until almost the end of the book and even then it’s pretty mundane. I don’t mind strong female characters until the start thinking they know everything, are always right, and refuse to have a relationship with a man until he vehl crawled over hot coals and is begging at her feet for her to save them.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I am giving her one more chance right now with the Ghostwalker books, but she is This Close to screwing that up too. Viehl grabs fi attention and gets me to hang on for better or worse.

I need you, I’ll help you, I’ll take care of you. She can be a bit abrasive, but I found this more realistic and true to life.


If Angels Burn: A Novel of the Darkyn – Lynn Viehl – Google Books

Oh she shouts, and has a tantrum. This is the first book in the Darkyn series, and boy, am I disappointed. The writing was awful! Zngels said all that, the world she builds for the Darkyn and Alex is great reading. Among them are science fiction as S.

Refresh and try again. His dilemma with getting his face fixed is that he would heal faster than any surgeon could reconstruct him.

I wanted to like Alexandra. In fact, there is practically no romance here. I look forward to the next book: The man in the mansion is horribly disfigured, but his skin has the ability to regenerate.

Are they descriptive about this miserable joy of theirs? Vampires first arose during the plaque in the 14th century, victims of a strange virus, though all the vampires think it’s because they are damned. Nov 04, Liz rated it liked it. En serio, este chico no es nada amable. There was too much violence and gore and not gurn romance. This is my second time reading this story and I am baffled at how underrated this story is.

If Angels Burn

They have a hierarchical structure with a king a totally bad ass back in Ireland named Richardan heir apparent Michael and leaders known as suzerains under Michael who control their own geographical territories called Jardins makes so much sense if your people are gonna go around smelling like flowers. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.


The romantic relationship is not the primary storyline in book one. One- really cool occupation of the main character. So as they broke the bones in his face, they healed over quickly and grotesquely. Yes, they are difficult to categorise, but it shouldn’t be such a problem. Cyprien who has offered her four million dollars to make a house call on him in New Orleans. The book follows both Alex’s descent into Darkyn and John’s descent into the Brethren.

It was well written and definitely had a very fresh and interesting take on vampires, but it did not blow me away. She writes mostly novels in a variety of genres and under several pseudonyms.

Three- I’m a pretty dark and gritty reader, but some of the gory details in the book I found to be unnecessary. Description Alexandra Keller is Chicago’s most brilliant reconstructive surgeon.

Nov 25, fleurette rated it liked it Shelves: The story between Michael and Alex had merit and carried well through the severed views of alternate characters telling the story from their POV.

I kinda want to check out book 2, but I’m not all that pressed. Sometimes this can throw the story if done to often but Lynn Viehl wove the pieces masterfully.

And I love vampires! This book was a total waste of time.