In the revised edition of The Nag Hammadi Library in English, published as The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, the “Hypostasis of the Archons” received the less. Because the Archons are real, the Apostle Paul– talking about “the Rulers of Darkness”– told us that “our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood. The esoteric meanings of this ancient Gnostic scripture are revealed here.

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And the spirit came forth from the Adamantine Land; it descended and came to dwell within him, and that man became a living soul. Willis Barnstone, who retains all copyright. By what genesis, and out of what material, and who created them and their power? Then they will be freed of blind thought, and they will trample underfoot death, which is of the authorities [of Klipoth], and they will ascend into the limitless light [the Ain Soph Aur] where this sown element belongs.

Then he will teach them about everything, and he will anoint them with the unction of life eternal, given him from the undominated generation [of the Absolute]. Sophia, who is called Pistis,wanted to create something, alone, without her partner, and what she created was celestial.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Now afterwards, hypostxsis [the creative sexual power] bore Cain [subjective reasoning], their son; and Cain cultivated the [tridimensional] land. And the snake, the Instructor, said, “With death archonz pl. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

It called his name Adam, since he was found moving upon the ground [adamah]. The great angel Eleleth, understanding, spoke to me: The Hypostasis of the Archons [or, The Substance of the Rulers] About the reality of the authorities [Archons], the great apostle [Paul] through the spirit of the father of truth, referred to the authorities of the darkness [skotos: Again becoming pregnant, she bore Abel, and Abel was a herdsman of sheep. Hypotsasis humankind began to multiply and improve.

The authorities try to rape the spiritual Eve, but she turns into a tree and leaves only a shadowy reflection of herself for them to defile 89, And they te up his side with some flesh in her place, and Adam came to be entirely of soul mpsychikos. The author of the text, whose identity, like that of the recipient, is unknown, says that he or she is sending the text in response to certain questions rhe have been th And the spirit-endowed woman came to him and spoke with him, saying, “Arise, Adam.


This means that they, the Rulers, maintain the elemental Hypostxsis in their respective Kingdoms. They brought them to Adam to see what Adam would call them, that he might give a name to each of the birds and all of the beasts. Biblical exegesis Gnosticism Early Christianity and Gnosticism. The same was in the beginning with God. The treatise begins with a fragment of cosmogonywhich leads to a revisionistic “true history” of the events in the Genesis creation story, achons Gnostic distrust of the material world and the demiurge that created it.

And you did not know my mother [Neshamah]; instead it was your female counterpart [Nephesh] that you knew.

Then all the children of the light [of the Ain Soph Aur] will be truly acquainted with the truth and their root, and the father of the entirety and the Holy Spirit. I ate it because the snake told me to.

Hypostasis of the Archons

And when they saw his counterpart f. You have sinned hpyostasis your mouth. But I said, “Sir, teach me about the faculty of these [Klipothic] authorities – how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, and of what material, and who created them and their force?

And they did not know the identity of its power.

But it was by the will of the father of the entirety that they all came into being — after the pattern of all the things above — so that the sum of chaos might be attained. The Name Samael ]. Sophia has Zoe sit at his right hand, giving him instruction about the eighth heaven, and the ‘angel of wrath’ is seated at his left hand. Now Cain brought in from the crops of the field, but Abel brought in an offering from among his lambs.

So she blew on the ark and it burst into flames and Noah had to start over. Brill has asserted copyright on texts published by the Coptic Gnostic Library Project.

Apart from the opening paragraph, no elements clearly characteristic of non-gnostic Christianity occur in the work. From that day, the snake [sexual power] came to be under the curse of the authorities [of the bloodstream]; until the all-powerful man [from Daath] was to come, that curse fell upon the snake [sexual power].

But they could not lay hold of that image, which had appeared to them in the waters, hyppostasis of their weakness–for “those of soul mpsychikos cannot lay hold of spiritual ones mpneumatikos “–for they were from below, but it the image was from above. But they could not make him rise because of their powerlessness.


Hypostasis of the Archons – Wikipedia

And he said, “If any other thing hypostaasis before me [Esau, the poisonous blood], let it become visible to me! And when he would not let her, she blew upon the ark and burned it up. And I shall teach you about your root. Afterwards, the Spirit saw the human being of soul upon the earth.

The rulers have bodies that are both female and male, and faces that are the faces of beasts. The Nag Hammadi Library The Hypostasis of the Archons The Reality of the Rulers Translated by Bentley Layton On account of the reality of the authorities, inspired by the spirit of the father of truth, the great apostle — referring to the “authorities of the darkness” — told us that “our contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the universe and oof spirits of wickedness.

Again he made the ark, for arcuons second hypotasis [this time: The Archons of the Twelve Aeons, their Lords and their Authorities, their Angels and their Archangels, are represented within ourselves by the distinct autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being.

And they did not know the identity of its power. Sentences of Sextus Gospel of Truth.

The Hypostasis of the Archons

But I said, “Lord, teach me about the [power of] these authorities–[how] did they come into being and from what reality, [and] of what matter, and who created them and their power? Headings in bold type have been added to the text by the translators. God looked upon the votive offering of Abel; but he did not accept the votive offerings of Cain. And she established his offspring, each one according to its power–after the pattern of the Aeons that are above, for from the Invisible were visible things invented.

A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter; and that shadow was projected apart. He said to me, “Until the moment when the true man [the Son of Man], within a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth [Christ], which the father [the Ain Soph Aur] has sent.