Hoya diversifolia is an Indonesian native with a thick weirdly shaped leaf, and pink flowers. This plant for some reason is looked down on by some Hoya growers. Plant database entry for Hoya (Hoya diversifolia) with one image, one comment, and 10 data details. Status and threats: Many of our hoyas are listed in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore. The mangrove Hoya diversifolia is listed as ‘Critically.

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Mangrove wax plant Hoya sp.

Family Apocynaceae updated Jan Where seen? Admiralty Park, Aug 11 Hoya diversifolia. Many of our hoyas are listed in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore.

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Lim Chu Kang, Apr Want to share your sightings? We leave our plants outside year round here in south Florida, I would just protect from freezing temperatures. Photos of Mangrove wax plants for free download from wildsingapore flickr. It blooms nonstop during the warmer months on mature plants.


According to Burkill, uses include the latex to stimulate digestion. This is an easy to grow plant for beginners. References Hsuan Keng, S. All pictures are for diversifoila purposes only. Each flower star-shaped with 5 waxy thick triangular petals, a smaller star-shaped structure in the centre. I would recommend this clone for beginners. Chek Jawa, Dec 01 Hoya verticillata.


Flowers emerge in a ball-like cluster. Make your own badge here. This strong Hoya grows fast and looks nice in a hanging basket. This Hoya looks similar to Diversifoloa diversifolia.

Mangrove wax plant (Hoya) on the Shores of Singapore

Growing the Native Plants of Singapore. Website by Modern Web Studios. Chek Jawa, May BP Science Centre Guidebook. Mangrove djversifolia plants on Singapore shores. According to Hsuan Keng, they used to be common including H.

We also like this Hoya because it is pest and disease free. The last photo is a comparison between Hoya diversifolia ssp. This Hoya has pretty flowers and dversifolia.

Fruits are long cm bean-like which split open when ripe to release fluffy wind-dispersed seeds. The mangrove Hoya diversifolia is listed as ‘Critically Endangered’. These climbers with tough succulent leaves and beautiful wax-like flowers are sometimes seen in our mangroves. According to Hugh Tan, the poisonous latex is used in Malaysia to ease painful catfish stings, in hot baths to treat rheumatism and to cure coughs and asthma.


Though not all Hoyas are vines, those in our mangroves are climbing twining vines that can be many metres long. The flowers are the same size and shape and the leaves are similar as well, but much divrsifolia. Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map.

With the loss of our mangroves, however, these plants are now less commonly seen. This tropical succulent wax flower has thick green leaves and produces red and pink flowers when mature. We grow our Hoyas outside in bright filtered light and keep the soils slightly dry.