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Catholicism portal Pope portal. Orosius does not conceive of history as an unbroken linear narrative of progress, as some scholars have concluded Fear ; Schildgen This thesis is ultimately an exposition of Orosius’s philosophy of historiqe, within which the themes of divine providence, monotheism, and imperial authority are central. Catholic University of America Press, The book is not only aimed at Saint Augustine but was also preceded by conversations acversus the saint.

Imperial authority and the providence of monotheism in Orosius‘s Historiae Adversus Paganos -ORCA

However, this idea is flawed as authors writing immediately after Orosius’s death use the name Paulus. Not the text, but a Hiberno-Latin commentary on two books of the Historiae. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

Patanos Paulus Orosius’s most important book was the Historiae Adversus Paganoshis other two surviving books must payanos be taken into account: Chapter One examines the constructed text and its genre, as well as issues of opponent, audience and self-representation. Historiae adversus paganos Orosius page url: Les Belles Lettres, — Although his idea was to travel to Braga, he was forced to pass through Hippo as it is known that he delivered letters from Jerome to Saint Augustine, it is historie generally agreed that he passed through Jerusalem and Alexandriaalthough it is not known if he visited the latter on his outward journey, on his return journey or on both occasions.


This indicates that Saint Augustine had a great deal of faith in Advsrsus as relations between Saint Augustine and Saint Jerome had not always been good. Cyclicism and Early Christian Historiography: Cyclicism in Early Christian Historiography: While there is no doubt regarding his surname of Orosius, there are questions regarding the use of the name “Paulus”.

The date of his departure is in some doubt, however, what is known for certain is that he had to leave suddenly. At the opposite pole, a minority of scholars have lauded the author of the Historiae as the true founder of Christian historiography and a progenitor of the Christian philosophy hitoriae history as a divinely orchestrated, linear sequence of events Fear b; Harding Paulus Orosius’s masterpiece is Historiae Adversus Paganosthe only history book that he wrote, which gives insight into the historiographical methodology of the Spanish priesthood.

During his second stay in Hippo he had a long conversation with Saint Augustine during which he handed over the letters he was carrying from Jerome and informed Saint Augustine about the meetings he had had with Pelagius.

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Adversus paganos historiarum libri septem

Orosius did not just discuss theological matters with Saint Augustine; he also collaborated with him on the book City of God. Throughout the seven books that comprise the history, Hustoriae introduces several new methods and he also uses others that pick up on the traditional methods of Graeco – Roman historiography.

However, it is difficult to estimate an exact date for when the book was written and for when the book was finished. Enter advetsus email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Augustine and Roman Virtue. Designed, directed and maintained by Dennis Groenewegen. These journeys defined his life and intellectual output.

Imperial authority and the providence of monotheism in Orosius‘s Historiae Adversus Paganos

The book is a historical narration focusing on the pagan peoples from the earliest time up until the time Orosius was alive. His basic idea is that the past is always worse than the present, because it is always further from the historriae religion.

The work, a universal history of the calamities that have happened to mankind was the first attempt to write the history of the world as a history of God guiding humanity.

It adversys not possible to be certain as to when it was written as there is no single theory that is unanimously accepted by all historians. Click here to sign up.

Historiae adversus paganos (Orosius) • CODECS: Online Database and e-Resources for Celtic Studies

It is possible that he was born in Bracara Augusta now BragaPortugalthen capital of the Roman province of Gallaeciaand which would be the capital of the Kingdom of the Suebi by his death. Orosius Orosius, Paulus Orosius fl. This assumes that when Orosius met Saint Augustine he was 32 years old, that is, he had been an ordained priest for two years. On the contrary, even while adhering to a metahistorical framework based on sacred history, he constructs histiriae past using the twin categories of cyclic repetition and confluence or convergence.