The Arabic philosophical fable Hayy Ibn Yaqzan is a classic of medieval Islamic philosophy. Ibn Tufayl (d. ), the Andalusian philosopher, tells of a child. Isolated from human civilization, the infant Hayy ibn Yaqzan is raised by a gazelle on a deserted island Through observation, experimentation, and speculation. Ibn Tufail’s Hayy ibn Yaqdhan had a significant influence on Arabic literature, Persian literature, and European literature after it was translated in into Latin.

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There are multiple ways to interpret Hayy’s story.

Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: A Philosophical Tale, Tufayl, Goodman

Absal was attracted hayh the uninhabited island and went “to live there in solitude. Influence and legacy Hayy ibn Yaqdhan had a significant influence on Arabic literaturePersian literatureand European literature[3] and went on to become an influential best-seller throughout Western Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. His mother was gone; only her lifeless body was left, low and worthless. The cave in our [Western] tradition, which owes more to Athens on this point than to the Hagy, is a symbol of darkness and dogmatic slumber, not of personal enlightenment but of ignorance and unconcern.

Now there are some Bodies from whence we perceive no Reflection of this Light, as the thin Air: The religious experience that Ibn Tufayl describes is an example whereby the faculty of reason fails us and, therefore, the knowledge provided is intuitive. Ibn Tufayl took the Arabic tradition of child-rearing for example, two ibm minimum of breastfeeding and applied its practices to the beneficent surrogate mother of his character Hayy.

The child learned to walk when he was two and, living among the deer, he imitated their habits and mimicked their calls. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Our author borrowed the names of his characters, but little more than this, from Ibn Sina Avicenna. As he grew up, he discovered that he is related to but different from other animals.

‘Hayy ibn Yaqdhan’ and the European Enlightenment

Besides com- mentaries on several works of Aristotle, a large number of original treatises flowed from his pen, including dissertations on the Intelligence and the Intelligible, the Soul, the Faculties of the Soul, the One, Substance, Time, Space. Having possessed themselves yaadhan half the known world, the Mus- lims began to look with curious eyes on the treasures of Greek philosophy ibm science, of which the chief custodians within their borders were the Syriac-speakingcommunities, Christian and pagan, of Syria and Mesopotamia.

Reformedish incompletely inb thoughts on God, ministry, and life. And the fitness of a Body for one Motion rather than another, is its Disposition and Form. How are we to hajy God?

All this pains he took to furnish himself with Artificial Weapons, because he found himself destitute of Natural ones. This higher harmony is pictured as a human partnership; but Hayy the philosopher, we are delicately reminded, re- mains ever the predominant partner, for, after all, the mystical island was his discovery; and the regenerate theologian who dwells there as a dearly beloved colleague may almost but never quite rise to the spiritual eminence of his friend.

Sure enough, it was protected, as it arrived on the island safely. The discovery that her death was due to a loss of innate heat sets him “on a road of scientific ib ” and self-discovery.

Hayy ibn Yaqdhan – Wikipedia

Without contact with other human beings yaqehan solely by the exercise of his faculties, Hayy discovers ultimate truth through a systematic process of reasoned inquiry in seven phases of seven years each. A current carried the casket to a deserted island and lodged it in a thicket that protected it from inclement weather.


This is a standard disclaimer safely affirming religious conformity. Quoted by Asin, Islam and the Divine Comedy, p. So he seeks to emulate the actions of the heavenly beings, even as he accepts that his body, like that of animals, requires sustenance and care.

This, however, is interrupted when Hayy is 50 years of age by the arrival on the island of Absal, who comes from a neighbouring island to seek isolation from others.

Since the motion of the heavens must be eternal if the universe is eternal since there could be no rest from which it needed to yaqdhn. Everything must have a cause and so he got the idea that there had to be a maker of some kind. The narrator describes an island near Hayy’s uninhabited one. Blog Blogger Bloggest Strange thoughts, random mutterings.

The Arabic lan- yadhan in which it was revealed was God’s language, and the grammarians were at liberty to quote the Divine Being as the supreme authority on Arabic syntax. Positive, as Knowledge, Power and Wis- dom; and Negative, as Immateriality, not only such as consisted in the not being Body, but in 1 cf. Soon though, Hayy began to notice he was unlike the other animals. By the age of forty-nine years, he will be ready to teach other people about the knowledge he gained throughout his life.