Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Hartke VX 4×10″ Watt Bass Combo. Rated / 5 by 6 customers!. I saw this on Musiccom It says its a Hartke mounted in the hartke VX cab. Does any one own this or has tried it? i am very very curious, I. I already owned and used a Hartke B (which is another review in itself, as it is an extremely cost effective and effecient amp, so I was familiar with the brand.

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Rate and Review This Product. The speakers are Hartke’s 10″ paper cone type.

Hartke VX3500

Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund. The compression feature can make the bass sound really raw vx3500, but its not true distortion. Get it for less at zZounds. Transistor amplifier prampli with a lamp and then transistor rglage of pramp: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Why fight traffic and pushy salesmen when we’ll bring your gear straight to your home, free of charge?

I don’t haetke I’ve ever had it above 4 on stage and often I don’t even go through the PA. I have not dealt with the company yet. It is in top form on the nervous rock, punk, stoner, etc.

I’ve played many gigs of varying sizes with it, from quite pub gigs, to weddings, to stage with a crowd. The power section is controlled by a master volume, so one can achieve a full tube preamp and power output, or mix them any way they choose.

Simple to control and find that perfect sound. The split between tube and normal sound is very good, and the right combination can vary your sound somewhat.


User reviews: Hartke VX – Audiofanzine

I really like the way it looks actually. A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. Bassist in Alternative rock band. The amp delivers Watts, which is ample for many rooms. I bought this amp through Sam Ash in Phoenix Arizona and believed that I got a great deal for my money. Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! However, a stack is generally more appealing to people.

I’ll probably make some additions to this amplifier later on. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases.

Hartke VX3500 Bass Combo Amplifier 350w 4×10″

The mid-range is fairly powerful, but nothing vs3500 in a large room. Having owned both, I was looking for easy this time, with an amp which could render the “goods” as a combo amp. This review was originally published on http: Even a caveman could hartek it. I was a little leery about purchasing this over the net. I got this for a good price. This includes heavy and oversized items. I play a Nu Wave 4 design stand-up bass through this amp and really get’s down and allows you to get the deep low end sound.

And when it comes to bass, the Hartke brand name always looks pretty. Write a user review Ask for a user review. The speaker frames are a dull silver, as is the horn, giving it an agressive look. Not the aluminum drivers they are known for, and this probably helps keep the cost down, as well as giving it a bit more warmth. The LED is not accurate to say the action of the compressor, it is only necessary to rely on the ears.


The biggest downer about it is its weight. I own this amp, and have for about a year. It is a great feature, and I use it heavily. No need for volume 5 let alone an Very well constructed and easy to move around.

Theres not a great deal of difference in sound between the valve preamp and the solid state though the depth of the cab usually means im trying to cut low end rather than boost it, an extremely bassy amp, but it cuts through too.

The equalizer is of course, crucial, and quite workable. You do have to know what your doing to get the best sound, and you are going to want to spend some time alone hadtke your room finding the tone you want. Easy to find your sound on this amp head. Very easy to use. Log in Become a member.

The amount of control you have over the sound on this amp is amazing. I have been playing bass guitar for over 30 years and this is by far the best amp that I have ever had.

I already owned and used a Hartke B which is another review in itself, as it is an extremely cost effective hartks effecient amp, so I was familiar with the brand and quality. The compression knob lets your bass go from extremely grungy to clean as can be.