The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” this week ( org/) is Ring Lardner’s famous “Haircut,” a kind of dramatic. Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.”.

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Posted by Charles May at Then Jim made some kind of a noise and she heard it and waited a minute, and then she says, “Is that you, Ralph? The poor boy was crazy about Julie and she always treated him mighty nice and made him feel like he lagdner welcome, though of course it wasn’t nothin’ but pity on her side.

He said himself that he thought they wasn’t ,ardner like general practice in a place like ours to fit a man to be a good all round doctor. Chances is that Joe Barnes told his wife and she told somebody else’s wife and they told their husband. Short Story 2 Novella 2 novella as a form 1 Novels vs. Disguising his voice as Dr. I hairccut even mind if it was wood alcohol.

The only good part was that view ahircut [the town douchebag got what was coming to him hide spoiler ]. Father of author Ring Lardner Jr. Jul hairuct, Lemar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 31, Sevgi rated it liked it Shelves: But this awful conspiracy of circumstances is lost on the barber. I felt extreme satisfaction with the ending of this story. They made a date to meet haicut the mornin’ and that’s the last I seen of Jim alive. So they had to choose another man to be coroner in his place and they picked Doc Stair.


Since Jim’s gone, Hod tries to hold his end up just the same as ever, but it’s larder goin’ when you ain’t got nobody to kind of work with. He’d drop in here Saturdays and tell his experiences for that week. I tell you this incident just to show you how he could disguise his voice and make you believe it was somebody else talkie’. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Itoka rated it liked it Mar 05, He said Paul had told him about the joke Jim had played on Julie. The most of them had drank plenty of gin, and they was a rough bunch even when sober.

They was no use leavin’ it there or callin’ a jury, as it was a plain case of accidental shootin’. Well, Jim would set there a w’ile without opening his mouth only to larxner, and then finally he’d say to me, “Whitey,”–my right name, that is, my right first name, is Dick, but everybody round here calls me Whitey–Jim would say, “Whitey, your nose looks like a rosebud tonight.

When he was alive, him and Hod Meyers used to keep this town in an uproar. I thought I hadn’t seen you round before.

It also judges the barber in just such a searing way. She never questioned but what it was Doc’s voice. A small town barber shares with a new comer the local happenings of the community including practical jokes, romance and infidelity, and an accidental shooting maybe murder. It probably served Jim right, what he hairvut.

Haircut by Ring Lardner

His style of writing perhaps, but to conventional English users like me, it is both incomprehensible and annoying. Ken Beatty, that was his name. But he wasn’t satisfied with just outwittin’ her. For instance, they’d be a sign, “Henry Smith, Dry Goods.


Still I didn’t see how I could say no. Then he told his wife and two kiddies that he was goin’ to take them to the circus. He asked me had I seen Paul Dickson.

Haircut (short story)

The thing that made me give this 5 stars was def. Doc turned and walked out. Jim and Larder would show up right after their supper round six o’clock. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They chased her all the way home, hollerin’, “Is that you, Ralph? Doc always keeps a night light in his office, so it looked to Julie like they was somebody there. All the boys would roar at this and Milt himself would force a smile, though the joke was on him.

Jul 02, Thecritic rated it really liked it. Jim didn’t pay no attention to the kiddie’ and you could see he was plannin’ one of his jokes.

Well, Jim waited till he had Doc Stair’s voice down pat; then he went after revenge. But she broke loose and before he could stop her, she run in hqircut next room and locked the door and phoned to Joe Barnes.