Got a Hegemonia: Legions of Iron walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. Neoseeker. Hegemonia: Legions of Iron (PC). Hegemonia: Legions of Iron Mission Walkthrough (PDF) – Terry Chatenet. would you recommend this guide? yes. Hegemonia – Legions of Iron Submitted by Hegemonia First off: First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free, walkthrough guide in.

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You do need several of them to keep money coming in quickly, and this can be a problem in maps with a low Special-unit limit, however once you have two or three of them, they start raking in the credits pretty fast.

He’ll tell you that as soon as you have the techs from the Darzok, to get out of the system s. After that, you will legionns a message about an alien life form travelling in the Gamma System. Have your colony ship land on either planet, then build another colony ship and populate the other planet.

P Anyway, once the fighters see you, they run for Earth, so you can chase them, or just let them go, whichever. Command your strike force to protect and follow the base on its course.

About now you should get a message about that Martian officer that defected to your side. That makes several different fixes to the game. Doing this will give you the overall advantage within the game. Even if you click on the wormhole, they’ll just move next to it, not jump through. After a bit, your commander will tell you that there’s and extra squad near Triton.


Have your colony ship land on either planet, then build another colony ship and populate the other planet. If you have any, please send them along.

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron

Deploy and defend a mining base near Pluto and eliminate a military and mining base near Neptune. After they all hit 1 billion that’s million for those of you who flunked math you’ll finish the mission.

After you destroy most of their defenses, they’ll surrender. She’ll also tell you to follow some suspicious alien ships near an inactive jumpnode in Eden.

After you defeat them, you get this message: Have all your squads sneak around the back of Earth, and destroy the fighters stationed there. The game series uses many concepts originating from the Master of Orion series. Practically unlimited power, but they’ll need the experience points first.

Once you get to the Ob System, get military info, and the HQ should be in the center of the system. Take out the guns first, then worry about the population. The all-on-one tactic causes ships to be destroyed faster so it lets you gain advantage quickly–use it.

Haegemonia Walkthrough : Earth Campaign

Thus began the age of interstellar exploration and expansion for the new empire. Your orders are to destroy the other martian military base.


Episode 5 – Mission 4 Whether you’d follow a purist I do in the SP campaign or a two-tech approach, it’s up to the situation. This is basically irrelevant, but whatever. Their elegant warships are much heavier than their Human and Kariak counterparts, and their hulls of organic material have superb regeneration capabilities.

Finalize the positioning of your military bases haege,onia re-conquer one planet.

Episode 3 – Mission 4: The two sides blame each other and this one event sparks off the civil war between the colonists iroh Earth. A good blockade will hold off even an entire fleet of battleships. When the Darzok were defeated, a human exploration team found an ancient derelict at the outskirts of the Hsegemonia system; boarding it, they found a hologram which warned them: Wreckage Recycler Number per squad: Once they arrive, you should get a cutscene and several messages telling you to attack the Martian base.

The patch installed fine after that. Destroy the ships that are tracking him.

Haegemonia Walkthrough 1 : Earth Campaign

If you don’t want to know, then don’t read on. This only is true against a good human player. Once you reach Mars, the mission ends.