Transhuman Space: Broken Dreams GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar – A catalog of new and revised biotechnological. Transhuman Space (THS) is a role-playing game published by Steve Jackson Games as parts of the “Powered by GURPS line. Set in the year , humanity. GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Transhuman Space, Pyramid, and.

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You will probably have to get. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid! The Transhuman Space alliance calculatorby JHG Hendriks, calculates the population and world power of whatever alliance of nations you wish to create!

GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase?

No longer do the elite fear death, and no longer can the young hope to replace them. Excerpts Preview of the PDF.

Thanks to cheap and clean fusion energy humanity has power to fuel all these wonders, restore and transform its home planet and finally settle on other heavenly bodies. Soon we’ll have the power to reshape our children’s genes, build machines that think, and upload our minds into computers. Cities on the edge of chaos are battlegrounds for covert operations and high-stakes diplomacy, and the developing nations see themselves falling further and further behind.


Neither utopia nor dystopia, it is a place of hopes, fears, and new frontiers. Sign In Don’t have an account? The earth-dominated solar system of TS with some modification wouldn’t look that different to Eclipse Phase’s pre-fall history. Bioroid Bazaar, Transhuman Space: The world is neither pessimistic nor optimistic but realistic ; science has both solved problems and made new ones. And Earth no longer confines us. Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June I had forgotten about transhuman guprs I’ve always been partial to.

The Royal Navy patrols the asteroid belt. The core book, Transhuman Spaceopens with close to a hundred pages of world and background material. Transhuman Space was one of the first role-playing games to tackle postcyberpunk and transhumanist themes.

The individual then becomes a ghostan infomorph very easily confused with ” sapient artificial intelligence “. The generation gap has become a chasm as lifespans increase. Space tourism, mining the Moon and asteroids, a settlement on Mars: GURPS 3 rd edition ; 4 th edition.

Full of promise and adventure. Humans have colonized the solar system.

Related Products Transhuman Space — A cutting-edge science fiction adventure that begins where cyberpunk ends. Neither utopia nor dystopia, it is a place of hopes, fears, and new frontiers. Under Pressure describes the oceans of the 22nd century, from the teeming seas of Earth to the icy ocean of Europa. Thanks guys for confirming that is a place that I could go to get a copy. In some poor countries high-tech tyrants oppress their backward people.


Retrieved from ” http: It used to be e23 but I think they rolled it into their warehouse 23 site though. On Earth insome are reaching for the stars. Another type of human genetic engineeringfar more controversial, is the guurps of bioroidsfully sentient slave races. I will have to pull it up and read it again.

Transhuman Space: Under Pressure

This page was franshuman edited transhumwn 18 Septemberat People can ” upload ” by recording the contents of their brains on computer disks. Phil Masters black-and-white pages. Where can transhumah get this RPG? Personnel FilesTranshuman Space: In the coming decades, technologies like genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will transform humanity.

Warehouse 23 offers more worldbooks, supplements, and adventuresin physical and digital formats, for Transhuman Space. Warehouse 23 offers more worldbooks, supplements, and adventuresin physical and digital formats, for Transhuman Space. I’ve always been partial to EP being the logical future of Cyberpunk I did a game in the late s, and a buddy did another game in the same continuity ten years later, and it’s totally heading for an Eclipse Phase style fall Pirate spaceships hijacking black holes.