Title: GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition), Author: gabrielvidal, Length: 32 pages, Published: Resumo das regras de GURPS 4ª edição. Resumo. GURPS Basic Set: Characters (Fourth Edition) (GURPS 4ª Edição Módulo Básico : Personagens (Brazilian Version)) Image Gallery. Sort: Recent, Hot. | Date. and the introductory version of the rules, GURPS Lite, is available free online! GURPS Fourth Edition Revision by DAVID L. PULVER and SEAN M. PUNCH.

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A Fright Check is subject to any number of modifiers, including ones derived from appropriate advantages or disadvantages, and the circumstances surrounding the roll.

You can also buy advantageous social traits, such as wealth, and special abilities called advantages see p. In Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

Consult the following table for your basic damage. RoF Rate of Fire Ranged weapons only. If you fail, you partake — regardless of the consequences.

Bonuses always improve your odds, while penalties always reduce them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Think about how he acquired those qualities, then spend your points on features that go with these traits. If you have at least deicao. On any other outcome, the NPC resents your clumsy attempt at manipulation.

Total Intolerance of this kind is worth points. Then spend them the same way as during character creation, as follows: You must specify the ST of such a weapon when you buy it. Armor is very useful in combat.


In a horror campaign where ordinary people meet shockingly gruesome Things, Fright Checks might be very common! At this point, the one who made his roll is the winner. Always note the TL when you write down such a skill.

Eventually, one character succeeds when the other fails.

List of GURPS books

Roll against the higher of Swimming or HT wdicao avoid fatigue or injury due to aquatic misfortunes. This will generally be when fighting seems likely and combatants begin maneuvering for tactical advantage. When you are alone, you act first and think later. Resolve the attack as explained under Melee Attacks p. You are encouraged to copy and share these 32 pages freely.

Nothing is out of the question: A character created and played by one of the players. Point cost depends on the time needed to realize your goal. For instance, an attack with a divisor of 2 would halve DR.

The rules are written to make true roleplaying possible — and to encourage it. For instance, with a Move of 7, you could sprint at 8. Star athletes, seasoned cops, etc.

GURPS: Generic Universal RolePlaying System

You can even go to negative HP. On a failed IQ roll, he will lie! Intolerance directed at only one specific class, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, or species is worth from -5 points for a commonly encountered victim to -1 point a nasty quirk for a rare victim. This is the ability to coordinate a group. All kinds of powered battle armor and exoskeletons. Gurpps GM has the final say as wdicao whether a particular advantage suits a given character concept.

You never suffer a shock penalty when you are injured. Hard of Hearing points You are not deaf, but you have some hearing loss.


Bonus Character Points At the end of each play session, the GM should award bonus character eeicao for good play. It can fit any situation — fantasy or historical; past, present, or future. This is the skill of working with explosives and incendiaries, including the ability to set up, disarm, and dispose of bombs and other explosives. If you succeed, you can still talk, fight, etc.

Calaméo – GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

You may fight — you may even start fights — but you may only use deadly force on a foe that is attempting to do you serious harm. This is the study of the mysterious and the supernatural. Buy the possessions you want to start with. Subtract DR from basic damage. Physical Quirks are physical disadvantages that are only mildly or rarely limiting.

It is the only computer skill needed by most end users. For instance, if you fail a block, you may try a dodge or a parry. As a general rule, a skill defaults to its controlling attribute at -4 if Easy, -5 if Average, edicak -6 if Hard. The cost of a Talent depends on the size of the group of skills affected. Harder skills cost more points to learn!