See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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Harry, I am a mc owner and 2 of our club members have mc24’s They tell me they cannot program each servo only a control. Can someone tell me if there are any differences between MX and MC? However the servo centre parameter moves the entire window grajpner travel with it, so the end points stay the same distance away from the altered centre.

Graupner MC 24 collection on eBay!

Yes I am still banging on about he English manual! Any object that has to advertise useless glitter always makes grauupner suspicious. Internal differences MC22 vs MX22?

The latest software contains all imaginable mixing possibilities for both planes and helicopter in the same package. The net result is a simple, practical grapuner of adjusting the carbur rettor, swashplate, tail rotor curve etc.

Highflight Out ggraupner Time. For example, if you adjust a trim value the ends remain fixed in place so the trim alters the travels asymetrically in both directions which is not what is wanted in this situation as it leaves the overdriving end point in place.


MC-24 Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner 4842.41

Originally posted by Haldor Thats quite true. It really is that far out ahead.

Can anybody out there tell me basic differences beween the Mc22 vs Mc24 as far as the stock units? The real solution is to modify the transmitter output back to a 1. I also have a buddy cord attachment and a cord to copy from one transmitter to the other.

Thanks for your help Ian. I love the mAh grsupner my MC Hi, I have a MX and it’s great. SUPER SERVO MENU gives clear overview of all servo adjustment data and allows simple correction of four major parameters direction of rotation, centre setting, separately adjustable grau;ner travel and separately adjustable travel limiting for both sides of centre; all 12 servos can be adjusted, giving a total of 72 adjustement facilities.

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Last edited by Highflight; Mar 04, at Snelle lieferung und grsupner komt But the case is more shallow than a Japanese radio which means that your hand is less stretched out trying to hold around it, this makes it easier to hold and gives your thumb more freedom to move than with a Japanese radio. However I advise very strongly against moving the servo arm around the splines to correct it.


Transmitter Graupner MC24 – RCU Forums

There is barely a mention of what the MC24 can do. I use them for both turbine jets ,helicopters and everything else I fly. I must gtaupner though whilst I have figured out all ten channels for my turbine etc with thumb switches etc. This has something to do with the compression needed to squeeze 12 channels into the bandwidth available Harry knows more. Find More Posts by Darryl Usher.

Transmitter module mx-22/24 / mc-24

Best transmitter I’ve ever owned. I used to have an MC24 and had to replace landing gear on every other landing, as I could not get used to tray type.

Visit Darryl Usher’s homepage! The Graupner MC24 has had no less then 5 total factory recalls. Needs to have a handbook and DVD showing the best way to extract its fantastic possibilities in Mc4.

The Profi has never had a recall to the factory. I fly mode1 so I use the second MC24 as a backup and have it set to mode2 easily switchable so that people that fly mode2 can fly my helicopters.

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