Grammar Dictation by Ruth Wajnryb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Grammar Dictation. Ruth Wajnryb Series Editor: Alan Maley. Resource Books for Teachers. The activities enable students to improve their. JU JU Oxford English RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS editor ALAN MALEY GRAMMAR DICTATION RuthWajnryb RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS.

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Vocabulary should be pre- taught if the teacher suspects that it is unknown to the learners or difficult for them to infer.

Grammar Dictation : Ruth Wajnryb :

The grammar or function words, for example, the, hisandare to be provided by the learners themselves as part of the productive process of reconstructing the text. S6 and decrease – Note what is omitted but understood: Table of contents Note: Interaction The key to the dictogloss approach to grammar is interaction. S5 relieved and exhausted – These past participles are part of a reduced relative clause: Before the class begins, copy the chart below onto the blackboard or prepare it on slips of paper, one for every two students.

For example, among the occupations they have named, are there any that dkctation now commonly available to the other urth The University of Melbourne Library. SI going to – The going to form of the future shows future meaning with a plan or intention existing in the present. rkth

Grammar Dictation

Further, teachers can build upon this resource by applying the procedure to texts of ddictation own choosing. Section 1 has 20 texts at the pre-intermediate level, ranging from elementary to post- elementary. When it is complete, the group checks the text for grammar, textual cohesion, and logical sense.


However, the notes are designed to cater for the most common types of structural and textual problems that arise. This type of topical warm-up prepares learners for the subject matter and makes them more receptive to the listening in the next stage: Edith Cowan University Library.

Then divide the class into groups of about four. It might have far more to do with the socio-cultural domain than with the correct sequence of tenses.

In each dictogloss lesson, learners find out a little about what fictation know and do not know in the target language. Learners co-operating in groups are not limited to producing hurried, isolated sentences; but rather, can engage in cohesive and coherent sequences of utterances, thereby developing discourse competence, not just at best a sentence grammar. Dictogloss is a relatively recent procedure in language teaching.

The verb is passive, as the focus is on what was found rather than on who found it. Expanded it would read teachers who were contacted. S4 this – That is, the fact that electricity is released by the earth before an earthquake. Who is this book designed for?

Grammar Dictation – Ruth Wajnryb, Alan Maley – Google Books

The second time, they should take down notes. See also very anxious and deliberately hostile S3.

Stop if and when anyone suggests roller skates. In small groups, the students then wajnrtb their resources to reconstruct their version of the original text. It is the existential subject of the sentence whose real subject is earthquake. A similar use of the present simple passive occurs in S3 tracked down, usedS4 are destroyed, usedS5 are hunted.


Swinburne University of Technology. They are to do a free association from the words. Note that there is no article before home.

The essence of this stage, then, is learner involvement and interaction. In such interactions, the level of accuracy of student production has been found to be as high as in teacher-monitored work.

S2 who believe – This is a defining relative clause. There is a comparable construction in S3. Firstly, it should be grammatically accurate, abiding by syntactic and structural rules of English usage. First bom Only child Last bom Middle child 3 Now ask your students to go to the area of the room they belong to according to their birth order. They are not dealt with in isolation as instances of rules where usage is devoid of a semantic base.

This is not uncommon in English, e. The case is supported by classroom-based research. S6 leading to – This participial phrase could be replaced by a second finite clause: This is a common construction when there is an adjective as here, difficult connected with the object.

S3 first-borns – The adjective is used as a noun, with children understood. Instead of the blackboard, an overhead projector can be used.

Safe but sorry, and also from a word rose: SI returning – The gerund operates as the subject of the sentence. Advanced Learners Alan Maley. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?