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Our results have implications for the modelling of the circumpolar carbon balance. Short summary A laboratory incubation was carried out at different soil moisture levels to measure emissions of nitrogen gases and the isotopomers position of 15 N of nitrous oxide.

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Kolmogorov’s mapping neural network existence theorem, P. We present a simple calculation algorithm to separate CH4 fluxes measured with closed chambers into diffusion- and ebullition-derived components, which helps facilitating the identification of underlying dynamics and potential drivers. Artificial Neural Networks, A Tutorial. One is a particular, well-establed Lyman-alpha hygrometer that has been used for decades as the standard for fast airborne humidity measurements.

Short summary To test our previous hypothesis that under drought stress, plant-induced ethylene can reduce soil methane oxidation capability, we manipulated a field trial in which maize plants were grown with and without ethylene production under drought via the addition of AVG an ethylene gnunar inhibitor.


We present an algorithm to separate open-water automatic chamber CH 4 fluxes into diffusion and ebullition. Short summary Lakes emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide.

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A new low-power, open-path instrument for measuring methane flux by eddy covariance, Appl. Short summary This paper presents airborne measurements of greenhouse gases collected in the European Arctic.

Interannual variations in tundra methane emission: Diurnal and seasonal variation in methane emissions in a northern Canadian peatland measured by eddy covariance, Glob.

Yong Zhang, Lennart T. Its p Gotos 2 was characterized by strong spatial and temporal variations. Author Title Abstract Full text.

We describe the general impacts of thaw on aquatic ecosystems, pathways of organic matter and contaminant release and degradation, resulting emissions and burial, and effects on ecosystem structure and functioning. Water and carbon fluxes above European coniferous forests modelled with artificial neural networks, Ecol. The measurements are spatial averages, but using meteorological and statistical modelling techniques we could estimate methane emissions for different land cover types and quantify how well the measurements correspond to the spatial variability.

Computer, 29, 31—44, Volume 10, issue 12 Biogeosciences, 10,https: Data, 10,https: This has allowed a significant low bias to be identified in two commonly used process-based land surface models. Modelling helps to estimate the magnitude and uncertainty of not measurable C and N fluxes and indicates missing input source, e. The modifications presented in this paper were evaluated using data from two Belgian poplar-based SRC sites, for which multiple measurements and meteorological data were available.


Cross-correlations between weather variables in Australia, Build.

Short summary Aerosol number size distributions were measured in Arctic Russia continuously during 4 years. N 2 O is produced by gunnzr in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Both open water and emergent vegetation are net emitters of CH 4 and CO 2but with strikingly different release rates. Short summary Montane ecosystems in the southern Peruvian Andes were atmospheric sources of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, exceeding prior emissions estimates from bottom-up process models.

Short summary Earth system models ESMs are our main tools for understanding future climate.

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We combined measurement and modelling to quantify GHG emissions from adjacent arable, forest and grassland sites in Germany. Short summary The land-based hydrological cycle is one of the key processes controlling the growth and wilting of plants and the amount of carbon vegetation can assimilate. Eyre, and Justus Notholt.

Biogeosciences, 14,https: